ON MARCH 13, 1996 AT 12:40 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

The Spiritual understanding throughout the world is going through many changes, due to the modernization and the flexibility of so much determination on the definition of particular instructions that were passed down through time; basically, the family life, the morals of the family life, the values, the Spiritual attitudes, understanding, beliefs, practices.

Many times We hear differences of opinion on one Spiritual practice, because of the interpretation and/or misinterpretation of what it was designed to be.  When right or wrong passes through the mind of an individual, it many times develops into the understanding of the individual, and in this degree of understanding there can be many correct areas of thinking, or there can be many misinterpretations of what is meant, what the subject fully, truly contains.

Let us take one subject now:  the Subject is God.  We hear and see mankind of all ages, all backgrounds, have differences of opinion on what respect to God should be.  Is it just to ask for things personal, or is it to proclaim His Name in anger when something is not acceptable?  These very same people might very well have gone through classes that instructed them on the Importance of God, the Greatness of God, and that God is The Creator of All Things.

Children of all ages learn that The Father gave to an individual man, Rules to live by, because of the Soul that was within each human life, and that this Soul is a Portion of God.  We hear some say, ‘When you say Portion, do you mean Piece of God?’ This statement, of course, is not said in a manner of dignity, sincerity or logic.  Some say, ‘Have I inherited Something from God?’ In one way this might be a practical manner of thinking for some, because they feel when you inherit something, it is yours.  The Father’s terminology would automatically be different than man’s, because mankind does not have the Supreme Power of understanding, of doing things, that God has.

Man is a Creation of God, and in this Creation The Father places a Portion of Himself, ‘a Holy Spirit’ of Understanding, of Guidance, of Protection, that is to be returned to The Father at a given time.  This Gift of The Father’s is called ‘a Soul’.

We hear so many questions regarding this Soul, and many of the questions, the individual logically answers their own question, because as The Holy Spirit of God places within each creation of man a Portion of God, It is a Gift of Understanding, a Gift of Purity, a Gift of Strength, a Gift with a Purpose beyond anything mankind could ever receive.  It is a Gift that must be returned to The Father.  It is a Protector of morals.  It is a Protector of all that the human being does.  It protects the mind, the physical, the Spiritual; It protects the goodness.  It is unseen, but is always evident at the time of decisions.

Now one might say, ‘With all this protection, how can an individual sin in any degree?’ The answer to this is:  The Father placed within each human life ‘a will’, a Gift of freedom to choose, to act, to think, to protect, to deny, to serve, to delegate, and to understand the privilege of the human will as a Gift of Divine Light, Divine Love.  When The Father, in Judgment of the Soul, looks at what the individual used human life for, The Father, through the sight of the Soul, will be The Judge of how the individual lived.

The enemy of God and man, diabolical in all sources and all forces, works diligently at different times, in different ways, always to diminish the individual’s understanding of That Soul, encouraging the individual to choose wrong over right, evil over good, hate over love, jealousy over kindness, goodness, sincerity.

It is important that This Lesson I have just given be passed throughout the world.  Many will be able to see the Value of It, the Greatness in It, the Beauty of the Revealings that are obvious to the mind, and hopefully, will benefit in many ways the thinking of those who never before heard This Form of Instruction, regarding that Precious Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.  So be it.”

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