ON MARCH 13, 1996 AT 3:10 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.  I oftentimes speak through This Gift of The Father’s in a conversational manner, instructing, alerting those present of the dangers that lurk throughout the world, due to so much permissiveness, sinfulness, diabolical pleasures, and of course, the many sins against the flesh that automatically affect the Soul of the individual, individuals involved.

I see children each day going to learn the foundation of subjects that they will need in their daily life.  I see so much sinful actions, manners, emanating from those who find it a glee in tantalizing those who are pure in their thoughts, their behaviors, their way, their interests, and how they practice what they know, what they do, what they feel.  You do live in a time in which the enemy of God and man constantly interferes in many areas to devastate the moral values, moral standards, moral behavior of children of all ages.

Mankind talks about an enemy, and usually means a human being that either is known to them, or they are aware of as being different, yet aggressive in ways uncomfortable to normal situations.  There is no age We can put on individuals who are basically, morally unsound.

It is important for children to understand that prayer should become a habit with them, a daily companion under all types of circumstances, all conditions, because prayer as a companion in all areas of life, has an immediate protection in the alertness it generates at times when something that is not totally correct will be seen for what it is.

It is sad to see the children put in ugly demoralizing situations that could have been eliminated.  Now when I speak the word ‘children’, I mean children of all ages, not necessarily the very, very, very young.  Innocence is a Gift of The Father’s, because through innocence an individual can be taught how beautiful certain things are when they are addressed, regarding purity of the mind, the body, the intentions, the circumstances, that oftentimes are part of daily living.

A soldier goes to war.  Most times he is physically instructed on how to protect himself, how to be alert to oncoming evidences of harm.  It is sad to say that many who are not taught the necessity to protect themselves, become vulnerable to some they trust, some they feel mean well when they are with them.  The enemy of God and man works in many ways, using the mind, the intentions, or the innate vulgarities, impurities, disregarding the one to whom, with whom they find abuse either easy for them or they enjoy the ugliness of it, because it is devastating to the one that is being abused.

We hear mankind say that individuals they are acquainted with, or they see, have a sick mind, a sick attitude.  The very things that alert them to these things are important, and not enough is instructed to the innocent ones on how to protect themselves against moral, physical, mental abuses, and to resist or reject vulnerability to the vileness of another human being.

This Miracle that The Father has so generously given is not a Miracle of one subject, but It is a Miracle that covers all subjects, because mankind forgets that there is an enemy to all that is good, all that is right.  This enemy is rarely spoken about, but I must say this:  Ignoring specific subjects, direction of self-protection must be spoken about in more vivid terms, because the world is not becoming pure; there is much moral and physical violence in every corner of the world.

This Miracle has been given to mankind for many reasons, and We see some who hear about It, or read some of the Words, identify with the need for What is spoken, but then cast Them aside because of some personal distraction, and then never pick Them up again.  What a sadness this is to see, because this pleases only the enemy, and We see many Souls at stake, because They do not have the protection of the individual in whom They were placed at the moment of conception.

We hear mankind talk about Bible History, sometimes with great enthusiasm, interest, and personally determining what is meant by the wording, but We often see these very same people ignore what is occurring around them that is diabolical in every sense of its presence, and it is either ignored, or thought to be acceptable as a situation that cannot be helped or controlled.

This is a sadness to All of Us, for sometimes an open act about God will be the rock that will be what will stop the onslaught of a very sinful, revolting, manipulation of satanic practice.  So be it.”

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