ON MARCH 14, 1996 AT 11:05 AM


“I am Saint Elizabeth.

It is important for This Miracle The Father has designed for all races, all colors, all creeds, all religions, to be delivered throughout the world to basically instruct all of mankind on the Truths that mankind should see in the human way of living.

Life is a Treasured Gift, but many times ignored because of differences of opinions, differences in moral values, moral standards, differences in Spiritual beliefs, practices, differences in dress codes, educational values, differences in monetary measures, differences in characters and how these characters are practiced in daily living.

We hear many discuss the character of an individual, and how this individual’s character is responsive, is undesirable, evil, immature, ignorant, abrasive, or encouraging to better a situation.  I could go on and on with how mankind can affect one another through things, through areas that are not always seen as something that should be ignored.

Now let us look at the mentality of individuals.  Some are considered highly intelligent, some are considered average, others more worldly, more practical, more individualistic.  Then We hear some pay much attention to the artistic abilities and find these things beneficial to them.

Human life has a multiple of distinguishing characteristics which, in reality, makes human life tolerable, not dull.  Mankind must see the value in what The Father has designed mankind with:  abilities, various areas wherein each individual can excel, can portray interest to others, can give daily living motives, motivation.

Many times We hear individuals speak of other things that make life special, and these things usually revolve around the spirituality an individual practices, is example of, and the benefits of what the individual extends to others in his or her very presence:  the example that is evident, and how it is expressed through the individual’s personality, behavior, understanding, values, standards of many areas of daily living.

Some might ask why I would speak on these subjects.  I answer this in a very simple way:  Mankind is designed to have many variations in human life.  These variations make life interesting, challenging.  It would be sad to say that mankind was designed as a clone, and in this format of living there was nothing to encourage others, to help others see, feel the Generosity of The Father in all the things He placed within human life, because mankind should understand that human life, in its various areas of design, knowledge, views, practices, interests, talents, make life a very interesting, even exciting experience; plus, all these things have a purpose, allowing every living human being to use what The Father instills in them, to realize, to understand, that human life is Important and it has a Goal, else there would be no reason for it being created.

Human life is different than all other living things, because human life with all it is, all it has been given, the Gift of the Soul, a Personal Gift of Divine Love that has been promised to be able to remain as a remembrance of the individual in whom It was placed at a given time.  The Soul is a Portion of The Father.  It is a Light that can be referred to as the Light of Divine Love.  As The Father has a Holy Spirit, He designed mankind with a Soul that is given to every human creation, because mankind was designed as a Special Creation of The Divine.”

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