ON MARCH 20, 1996 AT 1:55 PM


“I am Saint Boniface.  There are Three of Us, All smiling at the love that radiates toward All of Heaven from all of you.  Saint Bonaventure stands Here, and all through the time He was delivering His Words He was smiling, because where you are He felt a deep, sincere understanding of His Presence, and the Words He was speaking.

Saint Bernadette was also present.  She, too, felt a deep love from each one as they wrote the Words being dictated to help millions of people more fully understand the importance of man’s communication, man’s love for The Father.  Each of Us could feel in your presence a desire to fulfill The Father’s Will in the best way you were capable of, and this pleased All of Us in a way greater than words could possibly tell.

We hear some men say, ‘What is the goal for This Miracle Of Saint Joseph?’ Some even are bold enough to say, ‘What is the need?’ We also hear many disagree, because of the times in which This Miracle is being delivered.

It is sad when We see men who have taken the vocation to lead others in prayer, to guide the thoughts, the directions, the intentions of not just a few people, but hundreds of people, deliberately deny that This Miracle could possibly be from God.  Much jealousy surrounds this little one, much aggravation, denial.  Jealousy is a sadness when in its abusiveness destroys what is good, what is pure, what is right, beneficial.

Hundreds of Saints have spoken through This Miracle, not All announcing Themselves because what They were about to speak about, They wanted It to be seen in a natural terminology, a normal communication that would leave an Indelible Mark on a subject, about a subject, that would be beneficial to the Souls of those present, and whomever they would repeat some of the Messages to.

If man would but think of being in a mist of rain coming down on him or her gently, and yet obviously being something that would have an effect on them mentally, emotionally, sometimes also affecting the clothing they would be wearing.  This is just one perception on how The Father has designed This Gift of His Divine Love.  Instead of water, He has directed Words to drop like raindrops so that mankind can be aware, yet not overpowered; also, the written Word to remain so that It can be picked up at a later time, thought about, and leaving the Mark The Father instructed to be left.

There have been some Messages from Here that could be termed ‘a heavier form of Direction’, because each human being has a different degree of sensitivity to what they hear, what they see, what they read, what they acknowledge, what they absorb, what they imitate.  These Words could go on pages, lined up, because mankind, through the senses, through likes, the dislikes, the backgrounds, the degrees of tolerances, different degrees of needs, different aptitudes of wanting to learn, should see in All that has been revealed through This Miracle that The Father has designed so delicately, and yet with so much diversity in Instruction, that there is no life, no living human being, that cannot find something of great importance to them, to help them more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is above all other living things, because of the Soul and the closeness to God that each life is.

The world has been Blessed by The Father’s Love.  True, it has been at other times in the History of mankind, but ‘this time’ has a Personal Communication through one voice, available to millions who, if they will but allow themselves to read What has been delivered, not close their mind to anything, will find a strength, a hope, to fulfill many of their personal, private needs.

There is so much more that This Miracle has been delegated for mankind to more fully understand what a Precious Gift human life is, and what a Divine Gift of Love surrounds it.  There will be more spoken about this at another time.  The Father will designate the time, because for each living human being, The Father is giving to the world a Personal, Instructive Miracle, leaving no personality out, no degree of intelligence out.  So be it.”

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