ON MARCH 25, 1996 AT 1:01 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille. This child through whom We All speak is never without One or More of Us.  We are fully aware of all that is taking place around her.

What mankind should understand more about is that every individual’s Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is constantly in contact with Him under all circumstances, all conditions, in every place, and mankind should be aware of this.  Each prayer that is thought or spoken is immediately heard, because of the Soul that is within the individual.  There is nothing happening upon the earth, or any place else, that The Father is not aware of.

Mankind must understand that human life was a Divine Creation, and is closely associated with The Divine through the Soul that is given at the moment of conception.  It is difficult for many to understand the Magnitude of this happening, but when an individual looks at the logic in it, it gives security beyond what anything else can give.

In many places throughout the world, men, women and children are shouting ‘Praise The Lord!’ and of course, other statements that make them feel that they are more in tune with a Spiritual closeness than others.  Every human being is closely associated every moment of every day, because of the Soul that is constantly present and never leaves the individual for even one second.

There is too little taught, too little instruction on the Gifts The Father has given, because of the Importance of human life.  We hear mankind prideful over the acceptance of situations that are strictly human designed, human associations.  That is why it is so important mankind learn more about the Close Connection, and the Importance of It, that mankind has with The Creator of All Things.  I do not say that it is not important to feel secure regarding other things in life.  What I do say is, ‘It is important to be conscious at all times of the Soul within your life, that there is nothing greater than, in the life of any human man, woman, or child.’

We many times speak through this little one, and the receiver of What is spoken automatically associates What is spoken as coming directly from her.  This is normal, natural understanding.  Today, throughout the world, We hear much instruction being passed to others regarding personal affairs, business decisions, and ideas for progress.  The subject matter is unlimited.  We hear little about the Souls that are the recipients of everything an individual does.  When I said ‘little’, I could have said ‘nothing’.

Today is an important day.  Yesterday was an important day.  All the days to come are important days, because every day in the life of mankind is important because of the Soul that is within, that is the recipient of all that takes place mentally, morally, physically, spiritually.

As I end My time with you, it is important for you to understand that everything you do that is pleasing to The Father, is more important than you can possibly comprehend, so all I ask is that from this moment forward, you keep in mind that your Goal of life is to return your Soul to God, The Divine.”

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