ON MARCH 27, 1996 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

The whole world must be given, in the language of their way, All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, allowing and appointing All Saints Here in the Heavens to instruct, to encourage mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, all manner of living, the Importance of human life, the Reason for which it was created, and the Goal that awaits each Soul of every human being.

We hear some who read Our Words question the Validity of the Source from which These Words are delivered.  We do not smile at this, because when many question such Valuable Truths, it is done by and through the human way of finding excuse or excuses, because in so many ways mankind does not like to be reminded of a sound moral code of ethics, of standards, and more than this, that there is a God, a Creator of All Things, Who is The Judge that each human life will have to stand before, based on all the moralities, immoralities, that were practiced during the time the individual was responsible for his or her moral code of ethics, moral standards, values.

The world has been Blessed by a Great Miracle, but like so many other times in the History of mankind, it is easier for some to doubt than to change their ways.  It is easier to request proof than to accept the logic in the Directions that are so obviously, openly made.

It would be difficult for mankind to imagine to the fullest, Heaven.  There have been many words given to mankind telling of This Place wherein The Father dwells.  In order for mankind to be able to see things in a view, in a sight, in an understanding, much of what has been previously taught, spoken about, uses words relative to what mankind can understand.

Heaven is beyond any human ability to understand, as God is in the same category of understanding, but the human mind is able to imagine, and to physically design things that cause more understanding to a story, a situation, a designed belief in something, thus in understanding, or ‘visualizing’ as a better word, mankind must see Heaven as something beyond what anything created by man, designed by man could possibly be, because Heaven is not a material thing.  It is out of the concept of the design of man, by man.  It is beyond human comprehension.

So much has been delivered to mankind through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, so much more than man has ever received firsthand, and it has been made possible so that mankind can forfeit accepting all that is humanistic, and set one’s Goal on being with God Forever in a Place, in a Way, in a Degree Higher, Greater than mankind could possibly conceive.

So many Blessings have been handed through This Miracle, so much Love, Personal in many ways, and those who read the Words must ask for the Faith, the understanding to be given the strength to strive for what the Words explain.  This is an ‘important time’ in mankind’s existence.  It is a step to better understand, more fully comprehend the privilege of human life, the Greatness for which it was designed and created.

As man says to each other, ‘I love you,’ this love, though it is meant, is only a small dot in comparison to the Love The Father has for every living human being because, do not forget, His Love placed within each conception ‘a Living Portion’ of Himself, so that mankind would be able to understand that human life has a Greater Goal than anything earthly could be planned.  So be it.”

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