ON MARCH 29, 1996 AT 11:27 AM


“I am Saint Martin de Porres.

Christianity had and has a Great Purpose, because Christianity gave instruction to the minutest detail possible, on the importance of what spirituality was to life.

Christianity, as a Foundation of everyday living, not only encouraged mankind, but gave strength to the understanding of God’s Commandments, which are basically the Rules that mankind must understand for the importance They are to the mind, the body, and the Soul.  The Commandments of God have strength in Them morally, physically, consciously, intentionally, purposely, because mankind, in understanding God’s Commandments, has a firm Foundation of facts, balance, values, in all that human life is involved in.

Mankind understands the meaning of the purpose for which rules must be followed, and that Rules, when They are meant to give strength, hope, and sound reasoning to all that mankind is involved in, obviously give human life an Importance beyond any other living thing.

Today in your time there is very little constructive instruction on the importance of God’s Commandments.  In many ways They have been passed over, cast aside, and are being ignored, because mankind has opened a door to what man calls ‘modernism and changes’ that make life not just freer, but give more credence to mankind’s abilities of the nature, of talents, of sensitivities, of personal values, personal standards, and of course, making the will of an individual a very important factor to be recognized.

Now I would like to speak about the fact that a lack of order in morals, in values, in obedience to God’s Commandments, opens many avenues to following impractical, indecent, immoral ideas, ideals.  This Miracle The Father has given to the world is a Miracle of Protection, constructively organized to encourage mankind to value what God’s Commandments contain.

It is important for mankind to not cast Them aside for the so-called ‘modernization of moral values and moral standards’ that basically can be termed ‘totally humanistic’ or ‘dangerous to the Soul’, because of their almost freakish definitions that mankind is vulnerable to and appears to be accepting because of the so-called ‘freedom of mind’, using the will wrongly.  I could speak endlessly on the subject, because it is of the utmost importance that all of mankind realize that human life is to practice, follow, and hold as important, in and on all issues, God’s Commandments.  So be it.”

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