ON MARCH 29, 1996 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

At this time in the world, The Father is giving to mankind Personal Love, Personal Direction, Personal Hope, Personal Instruction.  He is using Many of Us Here to pass on to mankind What He Wills mankind to more fully understand regarding the Importance of human life, because of the Soul He places within each human life.

It is important for all of mankind, no matter what they practice spiritually, to understand that This Miracle is given for every human being at this time, and all time to come.

This Time can be compared to two other Great Times in History.  The time The Father gave to Moses, a man, The Commandments in great detail, allowing nothing to be left out, so that mankind could realize and accept that every thought, every act was important to be done according to The Father’s Will, because in the full meaning of These Commandments, every act that mankind could perform, every thought that mankind could have, was supported by the importance of purity, the reason for it, and of course, the Goal for which mankind was created.

The next unforgettable Great Gift of Love from God to man was the time He took a Portion of Himself, placed this Situation in a totally Family Way, and through This Son much Instruction was given, much Example, and much Divine Love.

You live in a time that the enemy of God and man is openly trying to destroy All that The Father has given.  Mankind is acting unorderly, without concern for the importance of morality, purity of mind and body.  Mankind in many ways is bragging about being human, and that this form of humanistic expression is important, acceptable, but what mankind is ignoring is the Importance of the Soul that is the recipient of all that an individual partakes in, speaks, acts, and is totally example of.

At This Time, The Father has given mankind another Great Opportunity to read openly, personally, All that He wants mankind to understand as an individual, because of the Importance of the Soul that is a Portion of God Himself.  There is no Greater Gift.

The world has been Blessed through This Miracle, by This Miracle, because The Father cannot bear to see the Soul of any human being abused because of ignorance to Truth, because of a lack of understanding of Truth, and because of demonic pleasure dominating an individual’s will, through the individual accepting impurities of any kind, from any source, for any reason.

Mankind must understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love.  There is no Greater Gift that mankind could reach for, be a part of.  This Miracle of The Father’s Love has delivered a countless number of Directions, personal, and in a general form.  Those who have read Any of the Messages given have no excuse to deny the Generosity of Them, the Beauty in Them, or the Love that obviously radiates in Every Word.  So be it.”

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