ON APRIL 1, 1996 AT 11:15 AM


“I am Moses.  I have spoken many times through This Precious Gift of The Father’s Love for mankind.

It is important that All that has been given be passed throughout the world as quickly as possible.  Conquer all obstacles, because the enemy of God and man will interfere, because of his desperate desire for Souls.  He knows, or I should say, ‘it knows,’ because the enemy has no real gender, that mankind is being given so much Information, Direction, Help, Understanding, regarding the Importance of the Soul that is within each human life born to the world.

Mankind is putting so much attention on inventions that have nothing to do with the Souls of human beings; also, on so many distractions that cause individuals to thrive in areas of life that have no real connection to the Soul that is within each human life.  Mankind is ignoring the Purpose for which human life was created, and is falling prey to so much diabolical intervention, also all the disguises that diabolical interferences use to trick mankind, to divert mankind, automatically encouraging mankind to seek either frivolous goals or humanistic ventures, ignoring the Soul that is within each human life, that is to return to The Father Forever.

Mankind says: ‘Life is short.  I intend to live it to the fullest.’ This comment alone says that mankind should understand that ‘the fullest’ means ‘Sainthood as the Goal’.  There is nothing Greater, nothing more Important.

There is so very little being instructed on what human life is all about.  There is nothing wrong about intellectual learning or advancement in technology, helping mankind to understand, to experience greater degrees of interests, goals, practices, that lead to advancement in many areas.  Man’s intellect is a treasured Gift, because through the intellect, The Father has allowed many things, to encourage mankind to do things that at one time were impossible to do, impossible to understand.

You live in a time of great challenges on many subjects, in many areas, giving to human life a greater scope of advancement for the mind and the body, but The Father has given to mankind a Miracle of His Divine Love, not just announcing to mankind, but instructing mankind to use all that is available in technology, human abilities, but also never to ignore the Goal of every living human being, and that is to become ‘a Saint’ to live with God Forever.

We hear foolish talk, all materialistic, all profitable, all egotistical, all measured on humanism.  This Miracle has been given to the world to awaken mankind to the Importance of human life, why it was created, and the beauty in the Gift of decision.  It is sad to hear mankind dwell so much on everything except becoming a Saint Here in Heaven.

The Commandments have been shortened to such a brief degree, and They now must be elaborated upon in the fullest measure possible, because of the importance of each one of Them.  There is not one Commandment that should ever be ignored.  Each one was elaborated upon when It was passed through Me.

With What has already been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love regarding His Rules, Will, at a given time will be elaborated to a greater degree.  This is necessary because mankind automatically has a way of making everything concise, not just because of memory, but because mankind automatically shortens what is important so there is time for other things to be thought about, to be practiced, and most times these are of very little importance.

You live in a time of much immorality practiced intentionally.  There are many terms that could be used regarding This Statement:  stubbornness, egoism, and moments of what man would call ‘insanity’, because there is no logic that is greater than The Commandments of God.  They are the Foundation for everyday living.  No excuse is capable of making This Statement untrue, unrealistic.

You must remember, The Father’s Love for every living human being is a Love beyond what mankind can fully imitate, but He has given mankind the reasoning, the abilities to understand the Value of Direction that is beneficial, to not just a moral code of living, but to the physical way of every day in the human way.  So be it.”

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