ON APRIL 3, 1996 AT 12:18 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  As a Saint, it is a privilege given to Many of Us to speak through This Special Gift of The Father’s, through His Spirit of Love for mankind, because in All the Words there is so much Direction, giving to mankind Hope, and Personal Love from The Divine.

Much emphasis has been put on The Father’s Commandments, the Reason for Them, the Greatness of Them, and what a privilege it is for mankind to be able to follow The Father’s Will for the benefit of the Soul that is a Portion of Him.

We hear many doubt that the Soul really exists, and that if It does, how can It be a Portion of The Father?  Mankind has in many ways lost sight of the Magnitude of All that is created, and All that mankind was created for.  You live in a time of not just turmoil, but desecration to the human body, automatically affecting the Importance of the Soul that is within each human body.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is called ‘a Miracle’ because It is not ordinary in any way.  It is a Gift of Love from The Divine, helping mankind to better understand that human life has a Specific, Special, Important Purpose.  Man was created with an intellect, the ability to learn about many things, understand much about many things, and use many things in the course of daily living.

The ‘freedom of the will’ is a Great Gift.  It allows every individual to think for himself or herself, to act or react for himself or herself, to choose right from wrong, good from evil; also, to be aware of the individual personality that each day is practiced by every individual.  Some would say: ‘Why would a Saint mention personality?  What does that have to do with becoming a Saint?’ In many ways it can affect the actions, the thoughts, the desires, the will of an individual.

Mankind has so many assets, so many Beautiful Gifts of Divine Love, and of course, the Ultimate Goal for human life that nothing else has.  That is Sainthood.

I truly desire that all who read These Words will see the Value in Them, and perhaps once in awhile reevaluate their way of life, their temperament, their goals, their actions, and everything that touches them mentally, morally, physically, spiritually.  I give This Message with much Love, because This Miracle of Divine Love has been given to the world so that mankind will understand that God loves mankind.”

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