ON APRIL 9, 1996 AT 1:34 PM


“I am Saint Martha.  So many times I speak through this little one in what mankind would call ‘a natural tone of voice’ on the subjects of the day, in terminology of communication, in a very personal way.

The Father has been instructing mankind through Many Saints, and of course, He, too, has delivered much Instruction, deliberately, personally directing mankind to see the Greatness of human life for which He created it, the importance of everyday living through the free will of acceptance, rejection, of learning, of instructing.  There are so many beautiful facets to human life that mankind rarely takes the time to think about, or to be thankful for, because so much is taken for granted.

Much was spoken on this day through this little one through whom We All use, regarding what mankind must understand as responsibility, as a privilege to instruct others on the Importance of human life, and the Goal for which it was created.  Every day has its responsibilities, personal and otherwise.  Every day has the opportunity to grow closer to God spiritually, mentally, recognizing the real Association man has with God in the Union of the Soul that is a Portion of Him, to human life.

Men, women and children should never forget that every moment of every day, within them they have a Portion of God Himself, and they are responsible for the dignity that must be upheld in all speech, all actions, all associations, all communications, because This Portion of God, the Soul, is the recipient of every individual’s degree of moral values, moral standards, truthfulness; also, any impurities that are practiced that should never have been a part of that day or night.

It is easy sometimes, for mankind to make excuses for impurities, automatically blaming others for encouragements, enticements.  There is no excuse, because innately mankind knows what is right, what is wrong, what is evil, what is good, what is moral, what is immoral, what is pure, what is impure.  As I glance across the world and I see men, women and children of all cultures, all living lives of different monetary values, it is rare that I see an overabundance of them not understanding what is right, what is wrong, what is pure, what is impure, what is vile, and what is an act physically, verbally, that is acceptable morally in the Eyes of The Father.

As I speak to you, I am showing the little one through whom I speak a large crowd of people.  They are gathered at a celebration.  Everyone there had to make the decision to attend, or to not attend.  Some attended because they felt that the celebration would be invigorating, stimulating, and would be pleasurable in many ways.  Others attended because they were looking for a place to practice activities that one would call ‘obscene, immoral’.

This Message of Mine is to alert mankind to be constantly aware of the importance of personal strength in communication, or activities that include one’s decisions on morals, because oftentimes it is easy to get caught up in excitement of the moment, what is expected by many to be enjoyment, when oftentimes, to be a part of what is occurring can be devastating to the Soul of every individual involved.

To read This some might say, ‘How can I become so conscious of all I can be involved in, that I will find no enjoyment in life?’ There is a very easy answer to this.  It takes moral willpower.  Don’t stay; walk away.  Don’t submit or commit; reject.  Don’t make excuses, but excuse yourself, and walk away.

Since the beginning of time, that is, time that man was a part of, decisions became part of daily living, and innately mankind knows when something is evil, so common logic tells one, ‘Don’t participate, don’t become vulnerable, stand your ground, walk away, stay away,’ because your Soul will give you the strength that you will need, and I, Saint Martha promise you, you will never regret your decision, because your Soul will shine so brightly within you that It will give you an inner glow, a feeling of strength for your personal decision.  So be it.”

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