ON APRIL 9, 1996 AT 2:43 PM


“I am Saint Chrysostom.

When mankind receives a letter from a loved one, he or she reads the letter several times, each time finding more information, or love, or concern in the words, and in the very fact that the other person took the time to write the letter, to communicate, to care.

The Father has given to mankind thousands of Writings in depth, in many ways, on many subjects, through This Gift of His Divine Love that bears the Name of The Holy Spirit.  It is called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  Everything that has been delivered by The Father, by Our Heavenly Mother, by The Beloved Saint Joseph, and All The Saints that have taken part in instructing mankind, clearly defining the Importance of human life, and the Greatest Gift that mankind can receive, a Portion of The Father, humanly indefinable, and yet It has a name.  It’s called ‘the Soul’.

Mankind, all ages, should be allowed to read the Words, and then if instruction is needed on any of the subjects from Any One of Us Here, there should be someone who cares enough to explain the full definition, because of the importance of every Phrase, every Subject, every Revelation, from the beginning of the time in which This Gift of The Father’s was so generously given to mankind.  In the beginning, It was given in what one would call ‘a simple form’, but always with the sincere in-depth Intention of Its full meaning.

There is no human being capable, knowledgeable, in the manner in which This Miracle has instructed mankind so deliberately, so understandably, the Importance of what it is to be a human being, and what a Precious Gift human life is, that it is unlike any other living thing, because in human life there is a Portion of The Father presented, instilled at the moment of conception, that no other living thing has the privilege of.

Mankind’s intellect is involved in many subjects, many ways of doing things, many degrees of retention, of activity, of understanding, of communication.  Human intellect has reasoning, balance, and the ability to choose what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, what is helpful, what is harmful, what is pure, what is impure, what is Sacred, what is diabolical.

The human mind is a Gift of not just talent, but abilities, distinct in so many ways above all other living creatures, living things.  A human mind can be instructed on any subject, because what it hears it absorbs, what it absorbs it can use at the proper time, for the proper reason.

Mankind has been gifted with sight, giving strength to knowledge, giving help to instincts, understanding.  Sight in itself has a purpose of communication.  Sight has the ability to design, to create, to inform, to be informed.  The reason for sight is endless.

Mankind has been given the Gift of hearing sounds, but not just sounds in one tone, but sounds that are educational, sounds that in a time of danger alert the individual.  The sounds that mankind is capable of hearing is a Gift beyond what mankind fully understands, because mankind becomes so adjusted to daily circumstances, routines, that the Gift of sound is oftentimes overlooked.

The Gift of taste is a privilege, because basically it develops a nourishment for the whole body, but in this Gift, this part of man is used to communicate in numerous ways, numerous subjects.  The Father thought of everything.

The sense of odor, smell, has a definite part, a safety, an alertness.  It is also a means wherein a human being, through this power of smell, this portion of the face is used for other things.

Everything that man is part of, or is part of man, has reason, purpose that rings only importance.  Mankind’s ability to the sense of touch has so many reasons, so many purposes, so many areas in which it is involved in everyday life.

When the sense of hearing is lost, it many times causes much devastation, because it disrupts communication in many ways, so this sense of being able to understand what others say gives to human life a bountiful amount of education, communication, and adds to the personal activities.

I could go on and on, because mankind was designed to be able to use the human body for practical reasons, to grow in knowledge, to live each day with the ability to communicate mentally, physically.  Volumes could be written on the Importance of human life in its practical design, but the one thing that is rarely spoken about is the Soul that every living human being receives at the moment of conception, because That Soul is a Living Portion of The Father, and That Soul is what mankind is able to use as the stability in all moral actions, attitudes, applications, involvements, because the Soul is a Living Portion of The Father’s Divine Will, Divine Love, that is to be returned to Him at a given time.  So be it.”

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