ON APRIL 10, 1996 AT 1:05 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.

With so many different forms of so-called ‘Christian beliefs’ throughout the world, it is sad for All of Us Here to see that all that is being spoken is not truly the Will of The Father, or is it for the benefit of the Souls that are involved.  There are many names for what man calls ‘belief in God’.  In some areas the humanism is the god, egotism the god, immorality the god, confusion the god.

It is sadness for Me to say These Words, because there are so many throughout the world who are practicing immorality based on immodesty, pornography, humanism, professing diabolical acceptances, and using every insult they can conjure up, disregarding Who God Is, What God Is, and the Importance of God.

Mankind has put so much emphasis on what man is capable of doing, totally ignoring that all the Gifts of life are handed to mankind by God at the moment of conception.  Mankind strives for importance, to be famous so that others will recognize who they are, but the real importance that mankind should look for, strive for, is pleasing God through constant obedience, reverence, to His Commandments.

This Miracle has been given to the world, not just to the place where you live, not just to one country, not just to one area of one country, because throughout the world every human being is important to God, because every human being has a Portion of God within him or her.

This may be difficult for some learned men and women to understand, because to them they value everything at the sight of their eyes, their ability to use material things, but there is no human being born that does not have the privilege, the ability to use what is beneficial to their Soul, and that is to live every day of life following God’s Commandments to the minutest detail.  Now, some might say, ‘That would be impossible; I do not even know the full detail of every Commandment.’

My answer to this is: ‘Through This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle of The Beloved Holy Spirit of God Himself, has been instructing mankind verbally and through the written Word for a number of years, on what is important, on what The Father Wills man to understand, and that is, that the Soul of every living human being is a Living Portion of The Father, and must be cared for as the Precious Item It is.’

We see thousands and thousands and thousands of men, women and children safeguarding a material thing, admiring a material thing, desiring a material thing that appeals to them, but how many personal discussions amongst family, friends, acquaintances, business associates, does the subject ever dare to emphasize the Importance of that unseen Gift of Divine Love?

In reading This Message I am now giving, We can hear thousands say, ‘I would sound like a fanatic.’ We All say: ‘Its worth a try, because in one small moment your strength in acknowledging your feelings about your Soul, could be the foundation at a time later, that would be the most important thing you ever spoke, because it would have left a mark that you could not see, perhaps would not remember, but it would be the one factor that would save the Soul of the individual that was the recipient, at another time, of how you felt about the Soul.’

Men, women and children oftentimes, most times, afraid to say what they think for fear of being called unkind names, but if mankind will but remember The Son of God Sacrificed much because of the Souls that were to be saved at that time, and for all time to come.  The Soul is a Portion of God.  It must be protected by mankind’s understanding of God’s Commandments, not just aware of the Words, but full understanding of what each Commandment contains, and how it is applicable to human life.  So be it.”

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