ON APRIL 12, 1996 AT 2:29 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.

The whole world is in great need of Sound Direction, Sound Purpose, and it is important that mankind of all ages look at what they are practicing, whether it be in a social way, moral way, physical way, or Spiritual way.

Today if you were to walk up to an individual that you did not know, and ask that individual to repeat to you God’s Commandments, what would they say?  Some would say you were a fanatic, some might appease you with remarks to please you.  The important thing is not to ask anyone this question, but to practice obedience to God’s Commandments, because there is more taught in example than in any other way.

A child, when it is taught to walk, basically, it is based on seeing others walk.  When a child begins to talk, it is a natural instinct to imitate this act of communication.  When a child learns the importance of touch, the child eventually clings with the hand, which has many reasons for it.  It is learning to use what the hand was created for.  Sight is important to every human being, because through sight there is learning, there’s experience, and of course, many other advantages, because sight is communication even when one doesn’t speak.

You live in a time of much immorality, and this time in many ways is not being corrected, because there is too much leniency, too much acceptance of what another individual practices, no matter how wrong is being practiced.  Mankind says, ‘Live and let live.’ What about the Importance of the Soul that cannot be seen and yet is evident, because what is the main instructor to man’s understanding of right over wrong, good over evil?

It should tell mankind that this is a human ability to make decisions that are not just proper, not just important, but that behind the approval or disapproval, there is a moral sensitivity born into mankind’s being, and that this in many ways, many times, is what gives the strength to know, to understand what is correct at that time, under those conditions.

The world is in chaos.  It has been said before, and those who are trying to determine how to correct the chaos are not always morally sound in their abilities, capabilities, or their moral values, so it would be difficult for them to take leadership, or to instruct others on the solutions that should be made.

Through This Miracle numerous subjects have been approached, spoken about, and many deliberated upon.  It is important for mankind of all races, all creeds, to see the Value in God’s Commandments and learn Them, not just in Their brief forms, but to see Them in Their fullest measure, in which each one of Them is important for the Salvation of Souls.

Without law and order in countries, in states, in cities, in the home, chaos would be so destructive, and there would be no balance, no happiness, because when there is a lack of order, a lack of justice, a lack of peace, there is unhappiness, there is confusion, and at these times it is difficult for anyone to make the proper, correct decisions on many issues:  personal, moral, social, or even financial.

God has Blessed the world with This Miracle of His Divine Love, and as It spreads throughout the world, It is meant to give Strength in many ways to all people, not just those who are close to This Miracle.  That is why the written Word must pass throughout the world, because It is nourishment beyond what any human being can give to nourish the body, mind or Soul of another human being.

Each time One of Us speaks it is a Blessing, because each time It is meant to touch the lives of individuals, even if it is just one in a crowd of people.  This Gift of The Father’s Love is for all of mankind, and those who write the Words, and deliver the Words throughout the world, will never know how important the Messages are, or will be to those who they will never meet, and yet, in accepting the responsibility, The Father will see that the Words will pass before the sight of those to whom He wants to touch with a Thought, with an Idea, with a Personal Message of His Love.  So be it.”

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