ON APRIL 18, 1996 AT 2:08 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.

The Father has placed a Great Miracle of His Divine Love on ‘one small spot’, for the whole world to one day learn all about the Importance of the Soul that He places within every living human being.  Some might say, ‘One spot for the whole world?’ That is all The Father needs, because His Power, His Wisdom, His Will, His Purpose, is Far Greater than any human being can perceive, can conceive.

Think about this:  For the creation of a human being, what does it take?  It takes a small fraction of life to develop into one human life.  This Statement may appear to some a monumental description, and yet the fact is, it is Truth.

There are millions of people throughout the world, all created in the same way, the same format.  In the beginning of time, when The Father created the universe, He did it in a manner and a way inconceivable to the human mind, and only He had the Power to do it.  Granted, through time mankind has studied much about the universe, and much about many other living things, but mankind on his or her own power, could never create What God has created from the beginning of time.

This Miracle is a Blessing beyond human understanding, and yet so much has been explained, giving to mankind Words of Information, Direction, that to each living human being, have the Power to give physical strength, moral strength, Spiritual strength, plus the very knowledge that human life has a Goal, and this Goal is for the Soul of each living human being.  What a Treasure this Knowledge is to every living man, woman and child, knowing that human life has a Purpose, a Destiny, a Goal beyond what human life can ever do on its own.

God is real.  Human life is real.  The universe is real, but God is Almighty in All Facets of all things, in All Areas of all things.  God is beyond human understanding, so mankind has been given an additional Gift of The Father’s Love through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  The Instructions have in many ways encouraged mankind, and deliberately enlightened mankind as to the Precious Goal of human life that awaits each human being, through the Soul that is present at the moment of conception.  This is what is called ‘Sainthood for All Time’.

Time to mankind has a degree of hours, days, months, years.  The Soul does not have this order of time.  The Soul is to live Forever, to be returned to The Father in a Degree of Being that is not understandable to the human mind, but it is a Goal that mankind must understand as ‘Divine’.

We hear many who hear about This Miracle discuss their personal views on the validity of It, and the possibility that It could occur, but there is much doubt as to Its actuality.  Those of you who have the Faith to understand that The Father’s Love for mankind is beyond human comprehension will find peace, comfort, assurance, and much love, in knowing that human life has the Goal to be successful in an Ultimate Form, Ultimate Way.

Every time One from Here speaks there is a Blessing that goes with each Revelation, because in this Closeness to The Father, Truth abounds, and mankind has the ability to see the grandeur, the privilege, the love, the hope that just being human gives to this Gift of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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