ON APRIL 19, 1996 AT 11:10 AM


“I am Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Mankind enjoys reading books that cover many subjects, some historical, some on up-to-date inventions, some Biblical, some what man calls ‘mystery novels’.

If ten individuals were to read the same story at the same time, and then record the length of time in which it took to read the whole story, the time would very likely be different for each one of them.  Much would depend upon the interest in their reading, what they absorbed in what was being spoken about, and of course, last but not least, the subject matter that to each one would mean something different.

So it is when mankind reads What is delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  Each individual is attracted to a different portion of the subject matter, and many times finds himself or herself, in discussing an opinion afterwards, find that each one who read What was written will have a slightly different version of the Content.

Today as This Miracle The Father has so lovingly given to mankind, is in many ways read too quickly, sometimes too slowly, because the full impact of All that is spoken does not register in Its fullest degree of what It means.  We have heard some say the simplicity in the Words are remarkable, but We say at this time, ‘Do you fully understand what the Words are giving to you to make you a better man, or woman, whichever the case may be?’

We see some read so quickly and become enthralled with What they have read, find It exciting, Something Worthwhile, and We in Our Way say, ‘Because of this, will you change all you do to purity in your actions, your thoughts, your ideas, your intentions, your example?  Do you remember the Importance that was placed on the Soul that is within you?’

One of the Reasons for thousands of Revelations to be given to mankind is because of the differences in how each human being is able to accept, to follow, to see the importance of certain areas for the benefit of their whole way of living, and the Goal for which life was intended:  to become ‘a Saint’.

We see some men, women, of all ages, all stations of life, read whatever they can find in stores, or in other people’s homes.  Their statement is: ‘I am an avid reader, I love to read.  I don’t care what it is, I find it entertaining, I find it fulfilling.’ This Gift of The Father’s Love has been given to the whole world, because The Father’s Love for mankind is Greater than man understands love to be, and through the written Word, if one does not read, others can draw attention to What they have read, and spread the Words personally.

If nothing in This Gift of The Father’s had ever been recorded, no human being could be able to remember the important issues that have been approached, elaborated upon, because humanistic ideas, intentions, interpretations would have to be what mankind would depend upon in any discussion, and the importance of the subject matter would in many ways be forgotten, deleted, and/or put in such a minute way that much would have been lost on the importance of Everything We have said, or We say.

This Miracle has a Strength of Direction, for a Purpose beyond what mankind could possibly inject, so it is important that wherever it is possible, All that has been delivered and is being delivered, must be passed throughout the world, so that men, women and children of all degrees of intelligence will be able to read in their language What The Father Wills mankind to know, to understand, to follow, because of the Importance of His Creation of man, because in man He placed a Portion of Himself for many Reasons, and the one Reason is to remind mankind that mankind, at a given time, is expected to return to The Father, the Soul, representing the physical body in which It was placed at the moment of conception.

There is so much logic in This Statement.  It must be seen for Its Great Worth and the Deep, Pure Love that is so closely connected to every human life.  So be it.”

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