ON APRIL 22, 1996 AT 1:02 PM


“I am Saint Lawrence.  There are many who are not familiar with Me, My Name, even though I have spoken many times through This Gift of The Father’s Love for the whole being of every living human being.  This Miracle is a Miracle giving to mankind Words that speak clearly, define clearly, the Importance of human life, the Love The Father has for it, and the Goal for which it is created.

Mankind seeks success in many ways.  The greatest success that mankind can reach for is to become ‘a Saint’.  It is sad when We hear confusion regarding this subject, because basically there is nothing confusing about it.  It is a natural course of events.  Why it does not seem natural is difficult to understand, because logically speaking, man innately knows that in the human way, there is a desire for goals to be reached.  Why would something so innate in mankind not be recognized in the logic that human life must have a Goal, and that it is within each human being, the privilege of choice, choosing right over wrong, good over evil?  This very innate understanding of the two choices should automatically alert mankind, remind mankind, that God, in His Love for mankind, would give each one born the ability to accept or reject, because of the will that is within each man, woman and child.

Now some might say: ‘What if there is a problem in the mentality, in the understanding, due to how one is raised, the culture in which one is a part of, the degree of learning that an individual has been exposed to?  Is there still this chance for the individual’s choice to be logical, practical, and seen for its worth?’

Mankind throughout the world has the ability to choose right over wrong, no matter what the culture is that they are a part of, because in each culture there is an innate logic of what would be moral, and what would be immoral, what would be sound, what would be unsound.  Volumes could be written on this subject, because of mankind’s ability to question and to seek in-depth information on many subjects, in many areas of life, but mankind must look at This Miracle of Divine Love and rationalize the necessity for sound moral values, sound moral standards as the ‘keys’ to what is right, what is wrong.

Different languages throughout the world give character to the world, interest, because in reality, if every human being was of the same race, same degree of knowledge, there would be a lack of advantage to mankind in the workplace, through all the learning skills, and it would give less initiative, motivation, interest, plus a lack of the expansion in which The Father designed so much for mankind to be a part of.

This Gift of The Father’s, in which not just thousands of Words have passed, but in reality millions, not All written, but many, many through Conversation, through Directions, has been given to the world in a Manner and a Way beyond human ability.

We All smile at this little one through whom We All speak, because her obedience is one alone, and it is through her obedience and Oneness with The Father that has given to mankind Reason, Purpose, Goal, that nothing else in the world has ever so capably done.  So be it.”

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