ON APRIL 24, 1996 AT 1:17 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.

This Miracle The Father has so lovingly given to mankind is a Miracle beyond man’s ability of discernment.  That is why The Father designed This Miracle to explain to mankind the Importance of human life, and Reason for which He created it.

We hear some men, women and children ask others, ‘What is a Saint?’ This in some ways is a sadness to Us, because this word should never need extensive explanation.  It is an important word.  It is a Title to the Soul of particular individuals who have gone before all of you.  The word ‘Saint’ shows recognition for a life that was once considered natural, human, and with certain attributes that brought recognition after the life, as man knows life to be, is gone.

We hear so many questions from small children on: ‘What is a Saint?  Can I be a Saint?  What will I do if I’m a Saint?  Do I know any Saints?’ The questions are numerous, and yet these questions are not always spoken verbally.  Many times it is a quiet thought or some type of interest shown.

The world today has many advantages physically, mentally, socially, competitively.  There are many who feel very well-endowed in instructing others about what the human life is all about, what it really consists of.  Many times when We hear these things, We see so much left out because all the emphasis is on what is natural to man, ignoring the Supernatural that exists within man, and that man should more fully understand more about.

We hear arguments, some friendly, some not so friendly, about the soundness in the belief of God and the soundness in the belief that Sainthood is the Goal for every human being.  We hear a very firm statement from some, ‘If there is such a thing as Sainthood, how come there is not more proof for me to understand?’

Children of all ages adapt easily to things they are surrounded by, whether these things are good or evil.  Sometimes poverty is adapted to very quickly; there is no resistance to it because of the innate lack of constructive energy in an individual or individuals.  There are other words that mankind would use.  One would be ‘laziness’; another would be ‘lack of interest’, ‘inability to have initiative to reach for a higher form of life’.

The world today claims to be highly educated, highly professional, highly sophisticated, highly learned in many fields, on many subjects, and yet We see so much diabolical influence in all areas of human mentality, human spirituality.  It is time for mankind to return to the basics for understanding, and look at, into, God’s Commandments, because These Commandments in Their fullest measure, cover every facet of human thinking, human action, human direction, human communication, human learning, and man’s personal understanding of his or her personal communication with The Creator of All Things.  Many times We want to say, ‘Wake up, look around you, and ask yourself what you are doing to become “a Saint”.’

We hear men, women and children want the riches of the world, but the Greatest Goal that mankind could set his or her sight on is ‘the Goal of Sainthood’.  It is not impossible.  Life was designed this way, for this Reason, and there are no exceptions to any living human being, no matter what race, what color, what degree of intellect, what profession they are active in, what degree of social activities they’re interested in.  Every human being is born to return the Soul to God.  It is not an impossible Goal.  He even gave The Rules to live by, so no human being would be denied the Title ‘Saint’.  So be it.”

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