ON MAY 8, 1996 AT 11:12 AM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

It is difficult for mankind to understand, many to believe, that The Father would bless mankind at this time in the world, with so much Love, so much Direction, so much Personal Attention, delivering His Own Words, and allowing Many, Many, Many Saints Here in Heaven to speak to mankind through a small voice, one directed to obedience to His Will every moment of every day.  The written Words, instructing mankind, deliberately giving to mankind Sound Reasonable Direction, bearing an obviously Divine Gift of Love, is truly a Treasure for mankind at this time, and for All to be read in all time to come.

The Blessings The Father has given through This Gift are beyond human understanding, but the Blessings are to instruct mankind on what a Precious Gift human life is, because of its close association with God in so many facets, beginning with the individual’s mentality, the individual’s nature, the individual’s personal understanding of what is right, what is wrong, what is pure, what is impure; also, enlightening mankind that God’s Presence is constant, never ending, through the Soul of every individual, no matter what race, no matter what color, no matter what part of the world the individual is born in.

It is important for mankind to value This Miracle of The Father’s Divine Love, because It allows mankind to feel the Closeness of The Creator of All Things, and in All the Words, the Closeness explains the Importance of human life and the Ultimate Goal for which it was created.

It is sad when We hear denial of This Gift of The Father’s Love through a little one, because in so many ways mankind mentally feels that a Miracle of This Magnitude should be, or would have been passed through an exceptional, well-known individual, most likely a man.  The Father, all through time, has given to mankind Great Gifts of His Love, through individuals He knew were strong enough to follow His Will to the degree He intended it to be.

Any denial of This Miracle is a sadness because it not only restricts the Lessons, the Teachings, the Information, but it causes some to question things that can very easily delay their strength in understanding the Magnitude of human life, and the Generosity of God Who, in so many ways, has given to human life a Goal that nothing else has.

In order for this to take place, this Goal, He placed within each human life a Soul, and This Soul is a Portion of What He Is, and It is This Portion that is to be returned to Him, to remain with Him, representing the little one in whom He placed It at a given time.

Some might say, ‘If the Soul is truly present, wouldn’t it have been safer to not give mankind a free will?’ The free will is a Gift of Divine Love, because do not forget, The Father, in His Will, has the freedom to do all things, and also, through His Will He will make Judgments for every individual because of the Soul that He placed within them at the moment of their conception.  So be it.”

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