ON MAY 15, 1996 AT 3:17 PM


“I am Saint Boniface.  Many of Us speak through This Gift of The Father’s that has been given because of His Love for all of mankind.

There is not enough attention from those in charge, on the Importance of the Souls of all individuals for whom they are responsible.  Many times good intentions are set aside, because an individual or individuals get sidetracked by something humanistic that becomes more personal to them than what their Soul is to them.

This Miracle, though denied by many, is a Gift of Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Guidance, Divine Goals.  This Miracle has no price tag on It, because It is available to the whole world.  Mankind oftentimes uses a price tag, a value, a monetary value on what he or she is involved in.

The Father, through a small voice, hands to mankind, freely delivers to mankind, Words of Direction that mankind can receive in no other way.  The Means to deliver These Words are from The Father Himself, or Someone else from Here, Whomever He directs at a given time.  He uses children of many ages, but ones He knows will truly carry through, carry on, in spite of all the obstacles that will occur, can occur, might occur.

In the world mankind seeks to earn a gratuity for service.  This is normal, this is natural, and this is understanding, but through This Miracle of Divine Love, The Father pleads with mankind to be generous with His Love, to pass It on to all peoples throughout the world, not questioning why, not questioning how many, not questioning to what degree.  There is no child born that should not receive What This Gift of The Father’s Love is giving.

Many of Us Saints Here in the Heavens do not wait to be asked to partake.  He is totally aware of Our readiness and knows that Our response will be immediate to His Commands, Demands, because of His Love for every human being He has created.

Though it may be difficult for some to understand a Miracle of This Magnitude, This Directness, it is important that this does not stop the Words from passing to all, no matter what language they speak, no matter what nation they live in, no matter what Spiritual Faith they are programmed to live, and be accepted in.

The Father’s Form, Manner, Way of showing Personal Love to all of mankind, is truly in This Miracle that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph Who, in reality, is The Holy Spirit of The Father.

As man says in conversation, ‘The spirit of what we are doing has been exhilarating because everyone is so happy, enthused, interested,’ this most likely pertains to an activity, a project, an idea, that humanly speaking, involves human life in something that could be termed ‘challenging’, ‘beneficial’, or innately gives pleasure to performing.

In comparison to this, This Gift of The Father’s Love is The Father’s Way of sharing so much with mankind, that He knows will give to all who hear of It, who read What It says, It will give them Hope, and more understanding of the Importance of human life, and its Closeness to God that has never truly been explained so personally before this time.

Mankind thinks of love as a feeling toward one or more.  The Father’s Love is beyond human understanding, because it is the Love of The Creator of All Things.

As This Miracle reaches millions and millions and millions of men, women and children throughout the world, those who take the time to distribute the Words will never see the Mark of Divine Love that will remain everywhere This Miracle is seen or shows.  So be it.”

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