ON MAY 18, 1996 AT 5:00 PM


“A child, older than most would consider a child to be, works in many ways according to My Will.  The work is different than most would expect work for Me, because as I have instructed Many Saints to speak through this little one, it is important that men, women and children of all ages recognize Me as The Deliverer, and not she.

The world is in a bondage of humanism, satanism, and it is difficult for all of mankind to see the ugliness of all the situations, in all areas of life that are occurring, that are detrimental to the Souls of those who are involved in what I would term ‘escaping reality, purity of mind, body and Soul’.

This little instrument is available to Me all the hours of day and night.  I chose her at the moment of conception.  This is difficult for many, most, to conceive or perceive such a destiny based on obedience to My Will, but nonetheless, it is Fact, it is Truth, it is Reality.

This Gift of My Divine Love is the Greatest Gift mankind can have, because It is Personal to all who will read the Words, abide by Them, and see the Value in Them that I mean for them to follow.

Mankind talks about love.  Ask yourself, ‘Where did love originate?’ Logic should tell mankind I designed love and I hold love for Me special, because through love for Me, the Soul that is in the individual or individuals glows in a way mankind cannot conceive.  A Soul in jeopardy is a sadness to Me, because the Soul cries out, ‘Father, please help Me!’

This Gift of My Divine Love must be saturated in every place throughout the world.  It is the Greatest Gift mankind can receive, because you see, Love ensures the Bond between the Soul of mankind and Me.  So be it.”

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