ON MAY 30, 1996 AT 3:17 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.

In so many places throughout the world, mankind in many ways has become remiss in making prayer a particular act of love and commitment in daily life.

Prayer is important, because it is communication between man and God.  When one prays to a Saint, the prayer is immediately heard by God, because All Saints are in communication constantly with God.  When an individual chooses a Particular Saint for specific devotions, honor, requests, it is oftentimes heard by Many Other Saints at the same time.

Mankind must learn to understand that Heaven is open to all that is occurring upon the earth.  All of Heaven is aware of what mankind is doing, needing, and praying for, also fully aware of all those who are neglectful and/or rejecting this communication that many times is encouraged by an individual’s Soul, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is constantly in direct contact with Heaven, All Areas of It, in ways inconceivable to man’s ability to understand.

Today is an important day, but tomorrow is also an important day and time in everyone’s life, because each hour of every day gives mankind the opportunity, the privilege to speak personally, intimately with Everyone Here in Heaven.  The Father is constantly aware of all conditions, situations, needs, and personal prayers.

The world in many places is in conflict, physically, mentally, morally, but mankind must remember that the Presence of The Divine is as close to the Soul in every individual living.  The Soul is not just a Contact for communication, but is a Living Portion of The Divine in every human being.

In learning about this Closeness, it should give every day of life strength, hope, and encourage more communication in a personal way, because no one can ever hide from God or Any of The Saints, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is constantly evident in every way.

A man loses a finger.  It is gone, and he or she must learn to use the hand productively.  The finger is remembered to be more important than it was thought about when it was evident in reality.

Mankind must understand that each living human being lives with a Portion of God each moment of every day, and that is the Soul.  When the Soul is subjected to an impurity, the Soul does not leave the body but the Soul is affected in a way not understandable to man, but the Soul must be protected with acts of purity.  It is sad when We find mankind subject themselves and their Souls to impurities, that in so many ways could be avoided.

We talked much today on The Commandments of God, and that mankind should see Them for the Greatness in the Gift They are to mankind, and children of all ages should be instructed on what each one of Them fully consists of, so that any impurities, indignities offensive to the Soul can be avoided immediately.

The world must hear of This Miracle of Instruction, Direction, Divine Concern and Divine Love, because so much has been delivered and is yet being delivered, to awaken mankind to what a Precious Gift human life is, and the Importance of the Soul that no human life is without.

Many Blessings abound through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because His Love for this creation of man is a Love that supersedes all other things He created.  So be it.”

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