ON JUNE 9, 1996 AT 2:15 PM


“Mankind depends upon armies to protect countries any time there is a hazardous problem that lives of a few or many are in danger.  I have sent to the world a Miracle of Direction bearing much Information for mankind, to help men, women and children to more fully understand the importance of moral obedience based on My Commandments.

So much conciseness has diminished My Commandments to a minimum of meaning.  The Miracle of My Divine Love must spread throughout the world the full Meaning of each of My Commandments.

As I first delivered Them, They were lengthy and touched on every facet of life.  Mankind has a way of shortening and/or making such important things concise so there are fewer words to remember.  This must not be allowed where My Commandments are, because in Their full in-depth Value, Meaning and Purpose, mankind will hopefully recognize the importance of Them, thus helping to eliminate so many immoral, indecent practices, occurrences, habits, and sinful acceptances.  Sound moral values, standards and practices must begin to overtake the abominations to the Souls of millions of people throughout the world.

I gave This Miracle of Instruction to mankind in the Manner I have because It has a better chance to travel throughout the world by word of mouth, and through the written Words.  My Will must not be ignored, because the Souls of all of mankind are a Portion of Me, and mankind must understand This Gift of My Love to mankind is a Blessing beyond what mankind could ever give to those they love or care for.  So be it.”

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