ON JUNE 19, 1996 AT 11:42 AM


“I am Saint Chrysostom.  So Many of Us are privileged to speak through This Precious Gift of The Father’s Love, helping mankind to better understand, encouraging mankind to see the Value of what a Gift human life is.

Mankind talks about receiving expensive gifts, diamonds and other jewels that to mankind bring joy, happiness, love.  It is important at this time that mankind throughout the world begins to see what a Great Gift The Father has given, instructing mankind on what a Precious Gift life is to every human being.

Mankind cannot see the Soul, but innately man knows that human life has More to it than what each day shows.  First of all, it is innate in men, women and children to seek important goals, to desire gifts of worth, and also to be able to partake in important roles.  If mankind were not designed in the way The Father did, how could mankind feel so strongly about all these things, and know that human life is Special, and that human life is different than any other living thing?

Mankind does not hear the Soul speak, nor does mankind feel the Presence of the Soul, but logic should tell them that knowing right from wrong, good from evil, gives mankind automatically a Special Role, a Special Purpose, a Special Goal.

Little ones are not being taught the importance of what is right, what is wrong.  There is too much leniency in their actions, their practices, and this is detrimental, because it does not give them the strength to use what they know is valuable over what is unimportant, or even trite.

The Father has given mankind This Miracle of His Divine Love.  It does not take a great degree of intelligence to understand All that has been given verbally and through the written Word, for mankind to see what a Blessing The Father has placed in the midst of mankind.

Much Love passes through this little one to those close to her, and many times to those who casually come in contact with her, because One or More of Us draw her attention to them, and many times cause her to say things that the individual or individuals will think about, be concerned about, or remember at a time later that will help them in some way, some form, some manner, to say things or to act out in some way that they will never connect the situation, the time.

This Gift of The Father’s is beyond human ability to fully understand how He extends His Love so generously, but all through time He has used ‘an individual’ in many ways, so that many will be the receivers of Information, Guidance, Truths, Directions, and His Love, even though they will not associate Him when they use it for a purpose, a need, at the time they do.

The world has been Blessed by The Father through This Gift, by allowing so Many of Us to dictate Words of Love, Direction, Hope, that nothing else written can give in such a concise way with so much Love from Heaven.  So be it.”

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