ON JUNE 19, 1996 AT 12:55 PM


“We are sharing this time through This Gift of The Father’s that mankind should treasure, because of the Love that is in This Miracle of His Divine Love; so much Direction that is always given, encouraging mankind of all ages to see what a Precious Gift human life is, and that the Gift within mankind is of Divine Origin.

When an individual receives a gift and they know that this gift is given with sincerity, the gift is treasured many times, not always because of its worth monetarily, but because of the intention in which it was given.  The Father in His Design of This Gift of His Divine Love, called ‘a Miracle’, is truly a Miracle.  Mankind cannot fully understand the Greatness of This Miracle, but mankind must, in listening to the Words, in reading the Words, value what is meant by the Words.

When a man, woman or child hands a gift to one they love, there is happiness in it, joy, and oftentimes the gift, no matter what it is, draws them together in a way that gives strength to the relationship.  This is The Father’s Intention through This Miracle of His Divine Love; All the Instructions, plus the Words of Direction showing His Love for mankind, allowing Us to deliver His Words in the Order He Directs Them to be, because of the Souls that are being protected by an individual or individuals who are the custodians of these Souls.

When an individual is given the task to protect another one, it is an important task, and it is expected that the protector does not deviate or get sidetracked because of the responsibility.  Compare that Statement to All that has been delivered by so Many The Father has directed to give to mankind strength in many areas of life, plus hope, plus the security of knowing that The Father is close to every living human being, because of the Soul that is within each human being.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love must be passed throughout the world, in every language and in every way possible for mankind to accomplish, because it is so important for no Soul to be neglected because They are not in the immediate area where This Gift is being verbally given, and the written Words quickly available to everyone close by.

We hear mankind talk about responsibility.  This Gift of The Father’s Love is a responsibility to everyone who is close to It, and those who will hear about It in distant places, because no human being would have such Personal Love for mankind, due to the fact that living every day has many distractions in it.  That is why The Father has permitted and directed so much to be recorded Word for Word, so that no human being could possibly be left out on What He has directed to be spoken about, because of the Soul of every individual that is a Treasure beyond what mankind can know a treasure to be.

Ask yourself:  What could be more important than to know that within you, you have the Greatest Possession in the world, a Portion of The Father, called ‘a Soul’?  So be it.”

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