ON JUNE 20, 1996 AT 12:50 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  I have spoken through This Gift of The Father’s many times, not always announcing My Presence or the Words coming from Me.  Wherever this little one is, oftentimes One of Us is speaking.

We see those to whom she is talking look at her in a different way because of Something they feel, but they do not make an issue out of it because the time is more important, and they want to be sure they don’t miss the time or the Words.

A short time ago, We were present when this little instrument of The Father’s was explaining a very important issue to a young man.  He listened intently, and as he knelt down by her side, the Words We spoke through her, he will never be able to deny.  He felt her protection, sincerity, honesty, concern, and a love for him that he would not be able to explain at another time.  She knows who I speak of.

There have been many times in her lifetime, before the Formal Announcement of This Gift of The Father’s Love, that many who came upon her presence were fully aware that the conversation between them was different than their conversation with anyone else.  Granted, some were concerned about the subject matter, because they immediately knew there was a warning in It to them, a concern for them, and a form of Love felt because of the warmth in which they were spoken to, the sincerity in the Words, and yet in the Words there was a deliberateness so they would remember this time with her.  This happens often, more times than anyone is aware, because We are constantly by her side, in touch with her Soul, in case there is some need for a moral repair.

As This Gift of The Father’s Love is such a Precious Gift from Him, It is also allowing Us to share Our Love for Him with all of mankind.  This may be difficult for some to understand, but what I am saying is sound Fact and important for mankind to know.  Our Presence is constant, continuous.  We hear all that is happening, occurring, because The Father has given to mankind This Precious Gift of His Divine Love, a Communication verbally, physically, so that mankind can more fully understand the Closeness The Father is to every man, woman and child through the Soul He gave at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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