ON JULY 10, 1996 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Barbara.  I have rarely mentioned My Name when I speak through this little one who has been assigned a Major Task for the benefit of millions of Souls.

All of Us Here are aware of This Gift of The Father’s to the world of mankind.  Man does not always recognize what a Treasure a Gift such as This is, because they cannot hear Our voice, they cannot see an appearance of Life, they must depend upon their Faith in how God would reach them.

This Miracle of Divine Love cannot be fully understood in the true concept of what It is all about, but mankind, in reading the Words, understanding the Words in the full and true manner in which They are meant, should automatically be grateful to The Father for the Personal Attention, Counseling, Information, and obvious Caring that occurs when One of Us speak through this small voice, because of the Importance of the Soul that each human life receives at the moment of conception.

When We hear denial in the slightest form, manner, degree, regarding This Gift of The Father’s Love, it is a sadness beyond what mankind knows sadness to be, because you see, the Soul of every living human being is a Portion of The Father, and must be returned to Him at a given time, representing the individual in whom It was placed at a special moment in man’s time.

As I speak through this little one today, I want to stress the Importance of the Gift of human life, because of the Goal for which it was designed, and the Goal that is above anything that mankind could in any way make.  To many people Sainthood is in some ways a myth, because they cannot see It, cannot feel It, and it is difficult for them to understand the very fact that It exists.  I promise you Sainthood is a reality, Sainthood is for every Soul that The Father hands at the moment of conception.

You live in a time of tremendous immorality, with so much acceptance of purely humanistic values, ignoring the Treasury of Life that is within each human being.  In the Creation of mankind, The Father gave in this design abilities beyond what most use in a lifetime:  the ability to think, to act, to speak, to rationalize; the ability to use the mind for great avenues of understanding.  The ability to see with the eyes, color, light, forms, and to be able to read to enlighten the mind should give to every human being the logic that he or she was born for a Reason, for a Purpose, for a Goal beyond what exists at the present time.

Many times We wait for this little one through whom We All speak, to be in a place that others will be able to hear Our Words direct, so they will be able to learn more about what a Great Gift of Divine Love human life is.

Mankind thrives on new inventions, new ideas, goals that make life more profitable, more interesting, more exciting, and yes, more hopeful in some form, some way, some manner.

Human life is a Gift of Divine Love.  Human life has many Gifts within it.  The mind alone is a Gift beyond what man understands it to be.  It has the abilities that no other organ of the body has, because the mind has the advantage of discerning the practicality, the logic, the reason, the purpose for other things to happen.

God has Blessed mankind with a Miracle, and when We hear This Miracle denied, it is a great sadness, because denial of This Miracle robs millions of people of the Importance of so many things regarding why life was created, and the Generous Gift within each human life that is a Portion of God Himself.  Just because This is not a visible Portion of human life does not mean It does not exist.  It does exist and there is no human being born without It, no matter what color, what degree of intelligence, what area in which the individual is born throughout the world.  All men, women, are created for a Special Goal, a Greater Goal, because of the Soul within each human life.  So be it.”

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