ON JULY 10, 1996 AT 2:01 PM


“Mankind finds it very difficult to understand a Miracle of This Magnitude wherein So Many Known Saints speak so openly, so clearly, through one small voice at a given time.

This little one through whom We All speak was prepared from the moment of conception to be aware of Our Presence, because a Miracle of This Magnitude is beyond human comprehension, human ability, human design.  So much is being instructed through This Miracle on the Importance of human life, the Dignity, the Reason, and of course, the Goal for which human life was created.

No human being could deliver Our Words in the exactness They are, in the subject matter They are, because when Each of Us speak, it is The Father’s Direction, Will, Instruction that We follow at a given time, for a given reason.  This Gift of The Father’s Love is more in-depth than mankind cares to recognize, or some even dare to recognize, because Each of Us Who speak cover the Importance of the Soul that is to one day return to The Father.

As The Father is All Purity, the Soul must be returned in a Total Pure State of Being.  That is why This Miracle has been given to enlighten mankind, to inform mankind, to instruct mankind on the necessity for sound moral values, sound moral standards, and purity of mind and body, obedient to God’s Commandments at all times, under all conditions, regardless of what the situation encourages that would, in any way, be detrimental to the purity of the Soul.

We hear the child’s voice plead with Us requesting that, ‘Have they not got enough at this point to realize that the Soul must be cared for above and beyond anything in the world?’ This Miracle is a Gift of Divine Love needed much, because mankind has been putting so much emphasis on humanism instead of the Importance of That Sacred Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.  We hear men and women in high places speak in vulgar ways, because they feel that it is human communication and it is totally acceptable.  This, of course, is an abomination, because of the rejection that God is present at all times wherever a human being exists.

You truly live in a time of great confusion, totally ignoring the importance of dignity that human life should automatically express in every area, but as We see mankind today, there is no regard for The Father’s Commandments in any area of work, entertainment, or even in some so-called ‘Spiritual places’.  There is so much leniency, accepting, tolerating what is blasphemous against one’s own Soul.

Men in high places refuse to face this little one, because in denial of What she stands for, it justifies their absenteeism from meeting with her.

There is so much to be spoken about, but We keep the Messages to a length tolerable to the mind and concept of individuals who will read What We have spoken.

It is important that These Messages pass throughout the world to spark interest, understanding to everyone, because mankind rarely, if ever, thinks of his or her Soul.  So be it.”

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