ON JULY 11, 1996 AT 12:03 PM


“I am Saint Clare.

It is sad that more people do not read about the Lives of The Saints.  Not all the details of the individual lives are written about, but many highlights during Their lifetime were of major importance for others to learn about, helping others to understand that daily life has its obstacles, concerns, and is not always one hundred percent happiness, but there are many events that took place that were monumental in meaning for the Soul of the individual, or the Souls of others who would later read the particulars.

Mankind oftentimes seeks the written word to learn about a subject, a situation, a condition, or the life of an individual that was particularly used for specific things, so that the life of this individual could help others better understand that human life has many facets to it, and has many areas in which it is used to help others understand the importance of loving God, of being morally sound in thinking and in plans.

Many times We speak through this small instrument of The Father’s, and those listening have no understanding of the real Purpose for the conversation, or Who is involved in the conversation.  The important thing is the subject is enlightening, encouraging, and stresses sound moral values, sound moral standards, sound reasoning, and of course, sound direction.

We see children of all ages struggling to learn more about life.  This Gift of The Father’s has given so many ways, subjects, that if an individual reads the Words, Direction is evident.  What mankind does not understand is that when mankind is in a time of moral decay, The Father never leaves mankind alone, and He always sends Information, Direction, in a way that is easy for mankind to follow, to accept, and to be directed by, without interrupting one’s personal life.

This Gift of The Father’s Love is a Gift for all races of mankind, all degrees of intelligence, all degrees of man’s understanding that there is a Supreme Being constantly aware of every individual life.

In the time I lived upon the earth, we had many obstacles, many concerns, and in several ways there was much contradiction in Spiritual matters, so My time was not that different than your time.

Prayer is important because it is communication.  Mankind somehow does not always see the reality that prayer is a personal communication that is always heard, and this should be important in everyone’s life, because even though an individual cannot see the One to Whom they are praying, they must understand that the Soul is the Connection between the individual and God.  It is a path that cannot be interrupted by anything or anyone.  It is an immediate Connection, and it is sad to see that some who pray do not understand this Connecting Link that has a name.  It is called ‘the Soul’.  So be it.”

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