ON JULY 11, 1996 AT 1:15 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.  It is important that My Message be given to many; that is, more than those who are here present, writing My Words down.

Throughout the world mankind is not conscious of The Father’s Commandments.  It is evident because of so much wrongdoing, also that there is so much confusion concerning what is morally right, what is morally wrong.  Mankind is in many ways ignoring What The Father has given as The Guidelines for living in the human way.

I take one Commandment and this Commandment deals with the vile sin of adultery.  We hear some who indulge in this frequently, not make excuses for what they are doing, but boldly speaking out and saying that what they are doing is acceptable because of the time in which they live.  Some of these very same people have the habit, when they are in distress over something they feel is important, will say, ‘God help me,’ but it is said in a demanding cold way with very little conscience as to what they are saying.

All of The Commandments are being abused in several ways.  One of the reasons for this is because of the conciseness in which They have passed down through time, eliminating the Meaning, the Purpose that each one contains.

Another one is ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’ My! How many ways are there to kill another human being?  Volumes could be written on this Commandment alone.  Of course, the first line would be ‘abortion’.  It is acceptable by thousands who at one time could never have even thought of it.

There’s another stage of this sin that has an ugliness in it, and that is a lack of concern, a lack of care, a lack of understanding, and definitely a lack of love in taking care of those who have grown in years.

It is important that This Miracle be delivered throughout the world before The Father must allow a very strong Chastisement that will be devastation to millions of people, and the innocent will suffer because of It.

There are many sins against each one of The Father’s Commandments.  Let us take ‘Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.’ One of the major sins, of course, man refers to as a natural way of life, but then there is another factor openly being accepted, and that is the practice of what mankind knows as ‘homosexuality and lesbianism’.  Why these are so acceptable is not understandable, because these major offenses were very evident in Sodom and Gomorrah, and that is why, with all the other abuses to the mind and the bodies, The Father had to destroy the whole area, because no one acted openly to protect what was to be corrected.

I could speak for a long time on this, and as I would go through each Commandment, those who are writing it would run out of physical strength and also equipment.

Mankind is using every means degrading to human life.  It has become more than animalistic in practice.  This Miracle of Divine Love has been given to the whole world for all of mankind, not just one form of Spiritual practice.

When an individual needs to be awakened at a specific time, they very often set an alarm so they will be able to perform what they are supposed to perform and not be late.  The Father is sending an Alarm to the whole world, most often put in a general way, but These Words I speak today must alert mankind that The Father is holding back, to give mankind a chance to correct all the wrong that he or she is performing against the Soul that is within each human life that is a Portion of The Father, and is not to be abused any longer.  So be it.”

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