ON JULY 15, 1996 AT 12:03 PM


“I am Saint Josaphat.  Many of Us Saints stand watchful over This Gift of The Father’s Love that constantly delivers to mankind, not just Words of Encouragement, but Words of Direction that give strength to man’s emotions, communications, weaknesses, and Purpose for which life was created.

There is no Gift in the world at this time as Precious as This Gift is to mankind.  This Gift is Personal, Direct, and the Words not difficult to understand, plus the Power that is in each time One of Us speaks, the Power is noticeable, because there is no book written, no human ability to deliver such Direction so Personally, to every living human being.

When We hear an individual deny the Value, the Truth, the Benefits in All that has been delivered through a small instrument, it is not just a sadness to Us, but We find that We cannot believe that an individual cannot see the Strength in What We deliver, or the Goal for which We deliver It.  This little one through whom We All speak has been instilled with a patience, because of all the derogatory remarks, even complaints, that individuals might make, or I should say, do make.

It is difficult for some to believe that God The Father would come at a time when mankind feels security in the manner of life that they are part of, active in.  It is important that mankind view things from a different perspective than merely materialistic, humanistic, because life in the way of man was given an intellect, a will, the Gift of speech for communication, the Gift of understanding, the Gift of morals, and the Gift of a sense of right over wrong; the very ability of mankind to be able to see, and through this Gift of sight be able to capture what is right, what is wrong, what is dangerous, what is safe, what is correct, what is incorrect, what is pleasurable, what is deceiving, what is acceptable, what is deceitful.

We see throughout the world so much power aggressively sought, desperately trying to control the wills of other human beings, and in some cases succeeding, in spite of the wrong that is intended, the wrong that is detrimental to the will, the body, and of course, the Soul.

Prayer to many is not seen for what it is meant to be, and in many cases prayer is for someone else.  We hear some say, ‘Not for me, my actions speak louder than on what I feel is right, what is correct, what is beneficial.’

The world is saturated with symbolism and many ‘orders’ with names that openly deny God, because humanism is prevalent, and mankind should understand that humanism is what the enemy of God and man depends upon, because in so many ways humanism has a weakness that is destructive to sound moral values and sound moral standards, totally denying that obedience to God’s Commandments are The Rules for life.

At no time, in no way, should All that has been delivered through This Miracle be stopped, because It is a Life-saving Factor in more ways than mankind can consider, can understand, even believe.  My Words must reach millions of people, just as All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, because human life is different than any other creation.  Human life was designed to the Image and Likeness of God, and has within it a Soul that is to be constantly remembered.  So be it.”

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