ON JULY 15, 1996 AT 12:59 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  As I look throughout the world at this moment, even in the places where the clock that spells out time says it is dusk and many people preparing to lay their heads for the night, I see very little who are praying.

I see so many attitudes, ideas, electrified by their own emotions, problems, differences of opinions, fears, anxieties.  The whole world has lost sight of the Importance of what God is to human life and all other things.  God is The Creator, The Designer, The Judge.  God is a Part of everything mankind uses where man lives.  God is The Provider of many senses that encourage mankind to learn to be able to use what they are to earn a living; also, the use of the legs to walk, the use of the hands for many things, the use of the eyes to see, the mouth to eat, the nose to breathe.  There are many parts of human life that it would be difficult to live without, but We see very few thanking God or even thinking about Him in relationship to daily living.

The Father has sent to mankind at different times, ‘an individual’ that He Personally would instruct on what their life should mean, and through this individual He would teach, to strengthen others in their values, in their morals, in their goals, in their daily practice of human life, in their relationship with other people of their own kind, or from another part of the world.  Where does mankind think all these things came from?  They did not just happen.  There are reasons for all the senses that man has been gifted with:  the abilities, the logic, the understanding, the energies that extend to living each day, and performing in each day the responsibilities first.

The world is in chaos because of the lack of attention, sound attention, that is making God The Important One to be looked to, respected.  Humanism has become so prevalent, but humanism in itself bears many changes, because it is totally oriented to self-love no matter what it involves, even if it is degenerating to the morals of an individual or individuals.

We hear some say: ‘There has always been immorality, homosexuality, lesbianism, adultery, so what’s different about it?  These times are no different than other times.’ What a sadness to hear.  Why has mankind lost sight of God’s Commandments?  God never gave a Command that They were to be ignored or cast out because They were of another time.

This Miracle has been given to the world, the whole world, and All of Heaven is shouting, not whispering, ‘Wake up and realize that you have God’s Rules to live by, and ignoring Them will not make Them less or will make Them disappear!’ It is important for every age, every culture, to learn all there is to know regarding the full meaning of each one of God’s Commandments before it is too late throughout the world.  So be it.”

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