ON JULY 19, 1996 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

To see so many Names of Saints Who speak so openly, is difficult for some men and women to comprehend such an Occurrence.  We hear many arguments over the validity of This Miracle.  We hear much based on jealousy; also, We hear much antagonism amongst those you would least expect to hear it from.

It is sad for Us to see this, to hear it, because This Miracle of Divine Love is a Gift of Divine Love to the whole world of mankind, no matter what degree of Faith they have in God, what format they follow in their prayer life, no matter what age category they may be in.

We hear words like, ‘In the “old school” of thinking, things seem so realistic,’ because they do not value the Magnitude of the Love that is expressed in such an immediate written form, instructing them on the Importance of human life, the Generosity of God, and the Beauty of becoming ‘a Saint’ through living the human role in a normal way, but respecting The Creator and obeying The Commandments in which He gave to an individual human being, so that this individual would pass on to millions at that time, The Father’s Will, The Father’s Love, The Father’s Directions, encouraging mankind to value what human life was created for and that human life had Rules that mankind was to live by.

These Very Rules gave stability, necessity, and even courage for individuals to obey The Rules, because of the Soul that was in human life that no one could see, no one could feel, and yet man instinctively knew and knows the importance of practicing, choosing morality over immorality, justice over injustice, purity over impurities.

This Gift of The Father’s at ‘this time’ is a Gift beyond what mankind could conjure up himself or herself, because it is beyond human capability to see so indepthly the Importance of the Soul that is within each human being.

All of Us Who speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love could go on and on and on at one given time, but We are instructed to limit Our time to a degree that mankind is capable of handling mentally, physically, even spiritually.

All of Heaven is joined in a Oneness to serve The Father, because of the Importance of the Souls that are to be helped, guided, directed, and not be lost because of man’s inability, or lack of understanding regarding why human life was created and the Goal for which it was created.  So be it.”

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