ON JULY 22, 1996 AT 1:17 PM


“I am Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.

Throughout the world mankind is updating so many humanistic ideas, ideals, that they are encouraging millions of others to see modernization in prayer in association with God, and of course, on many Spiritual values, issues and practices.

I do not mean This Statement as a derogatory accusation, but I do want mankind to understand that there is nothing wrong with progress when it is beneficial to the mind, the body and the Soul, but when it is degrading to the Soul, it is degrading to other areas of human life.

Mankind has forgotten The Father’s Commandments.  Some may say, why do I say this?  I say this because The Father’s Commandments cover every area of human life and They were Guidelines to man’s actions, association with others, personal practices, and of course, moral views, intentions.

It is impossible for mankind to continue to disregard the importance of The Father’s Commandments.  There can be no happiness to daily living, to success, when God is ignored, overlooked.  How can a human being exist one day without thinking that that day is possible because of a Greater Being, One Who cares for what human life is all about, and the importance of human actions, thoughts, deeds, goals?

All of The Saints have been allowed to participate in This Miracle of The Father’s Love, because The Beloved Saint Joseph is truly The Holy Spirit of God.  This should not be difficult for anyone to understand.  Who else could have been The Foster Father of The Son of God but The Holy Spirit of God, constantly standing by to protect The Beloved Heavenly Mother and The Son of God?

We hear men shouting from the Bible.  To some their intentions are good, to some their intentions strictly monetary, to some their intentions purely for the need for attention.  It is important that men in high places who have been awarded and rewarded with positions of dignity, responsibilities, recognize This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph as Factual in Every Statement that is addressed.

All of The Saints Here in Heaven are available to speak in This Miracle of Divine Love.  The Father has designed It so it is done in a manner and a degree that mankind can physically and mentally handle.  There is so much Logic that has been spoken, so much Sound Direction, and Everything has been delivered with Divine Love, not human inspiration.

The world has been Blessed, and The Father wants no race of people to not be able to read What We have spoken, because of the Soul that is within each human life, which is a Portion of The Father and not just an entity of Spiritual belief.

It is sad when We see delays of Everything that has been delivered reaching mankind in such a slow manner.  Everything that has been spoken is of the Utmost Importance, because there is no man, woman or child that does not need This Miracle that has revealed so much in such a short time.  So be it.”

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