ON JULY 24, 1996 AT 3:06 PM


“I am Saint Boniface.

It is time that mankind receive God’s Commandments in Their fullest measure, fullest degree, and full content in how They were given at another time in History.

There are so many men, women and children throughout the world who are not familiar with The Commandments of God passed through a man thousands of years ago.  These Commandments were not meant for just that time, but in Their full content are, at this time, as meaningful to human life, the human way, as They were then in that day.

These Commandments should be posted in every home and in every church; plus, it would not be wrong to have Them openly posted in workplaces and in many stores, so that all ages could read Them and be able to know they have access to Them.

The world is in great disaster morally, physically, emotionally, educationally.  It is difficult for many to understand that though there is a great accent on learning, there are many men, women and children who are primitive in their beliefs, and in how they live.

We hear mankind brag about the inventions of this day, saying, ‘Entertainment is available at a switch any time of the day,’ but I ask you: ‘Is this always good for the individuals in a moral way?  Does the entertainment feed the Soul in any way, or is it sometimes detrimental to the moral values of all ages, because of what it says, what it shows, what it depicts?’ The world has progressed, but also digressed.

The Father has given to mankind His Personal Love through Many of Us Saints.  It is shocking to see so little of It read, and so little of It passed on for others to read.  Has mankind become so artificial in thinking, in morals, that they cannot find Truth, Beauty, and Divine Love more advantageous than man’s interpretation of what life is all about?

All of Us Saints could dictate continuously, hoping to help millions of people see the Beauty of human life, the Importance of human life, and that it is the only Creation of The Father’s that is closely connected to Him through a Portion of Him, called ‘the Soul’.

In many places, many lives, the Soul is never mentioned, never thought about.  It is as though It doesn’t exist, but I assure you, and All of The Saints Here in Heaven assure you, you have a Portion of The Father within you.

There are many Reasons for this.  One is to give you the strength to practice purity of the mind and the body.  Another Reason is so that human life would have a Greater Purpose than any other living matter, and that would be to return to God, through the Soul that He gave each individual at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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