ON JULY 25, 1996 AT 12:43 PM


“I am Saint John The Baptist.  So Many of Us speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, and Each of Us has a Sincere Love for this opportunity to be able to reach mankind, at a time when it is so important for mankind to be instructed on the Soul that is within since the moment of conception.

It is important that all ages understand that they are born with a responsibility to protect this Gift of Divine Love from ever having any type of sin mar It.  This Statement may possibly be difficult for some to understand, but if they will but think of it, it is so logical, because human life is unlike any other living thing.  It is Special, it has Purpose, it has reasoning, it has logic, and These Important Words should say to anyone, ‘This makes me different than all other living things.’

We see so much adultery being practiced, with no fear of what it is doing to either one of the individuals or both of the individuals.  Adultery is a sin of impurity.  The justification of it is nothing but an abomination, because adultery cannot be classified as acceptable in any form, manner, or reason.

There have been many times in History that The Commandments of The Father were openly not just cast aside, not just ignored, but brazenly acted out almost in defiance of the Importance of the Soul.  We hear some say: ‘Why is so much now being spoken about the Soul?  Up to this time we were made aware of Its Existence, but now It is a constant subject that causes many to say, “I cannot see the Soul; how can I know I have It?”’

I ask you: ‘Do you believe there is a God?  Do you understand that purity of mind and body is important to your life morally and even physically?  Then why can you not believe you have a Portion of God within you, that must be cherished in all pure measures of everything you do, you say?’

The world has been Blessed by This Gift of The Father’s, because He has allowed so much to be spoken about, instructed upon, regarding the Importance of human life.  When an individual doubts the Value of such Truths, the individual needs a Lesson in what life was created for and what human life is all about.  That is why This Miracle has been sent to the world, instructing in so many ways the Importance of human life, and that in each human life there is a Soul.  So be it.”

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