ON JULY 25, 1996 AT 1:13 PM


“I am Padre Pio.  I have heard much about This Special Gift The Father has given to the world of mankind, instructing in so many ways, so many areas, the Importance for which human life was created and the Special Gift of Divine Love that each human life is granted at the moment of conception.

This little one through whom We All speak, We call her ‘a funnel of Divine Love’, and in many ways, many times, she is referred to as ‘little’, because that is the stature in which she walks upon the earth.  Numerous Saints have passed Many Words through her being, her mentality, her availability to repeat What she is told to repeat.

The world must understand there is a crisis in the world that man has caused by ignoring the Importance of human life, and the Soul that is within each human life that is a Portion of The Father.  We hear mankind say: ‘How can there be a Portion of The Father in a human being?  He is not human.’ This lack of belief, this lack of understanding that The Father is Capable of All Things and that mankind is but a creation of His, these doubts mankind succumbs to, are many times encouraged by the enemy of God and of man.

I have spoken many times through This Gift of Divine Love.  It is important for mankind to understand that a Gift of This Magnitude is beyond what human love can understand.  To be so Personally instructed, and be able to read the Important Messages, is a Gift beyond what mankind would think of to give to the world of mankind.  Mankind is the recipient of a Love beyond human love, because it is The Father’s Love that has allowed and directed so much Instruction, due to the fact that mankind is standing on the abyss of Hell because of so much desecration to the Souls of so many throughout the world.

The child knows My voice.  To her it is strong, and sometimes shatters her being.  The Love that This Miracle of Divine Love has for so long gently handed to mankind should be recognized as solely from The Divine.

I have been given permission to send a Formal Blessing and My Words are These:

As you awaken, remember you are Divinely made and The Father should be the First One you speak to at the beginning of each day.

Also, as I lower My hand I touch your heart, but in this gesture I also touch your Soul, because your Soul is the recipient of all you say, you think, you do, you suggest, you are example of.

As I cross your shoulders I remind you, as your body has been designed by The Father, and He has given you the limbs to use to aid you in life’s way, the Soul that is within you will remain for All Eternity, and it is your responsibility for that Soul to always be in a State of Purity.  So be it.”

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