ON JULY 26, 1996 AT 12:39 PM


“I am Saint Callistus.

In many ways This Gift of The Father’s Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, is envied because of the Magnitude of the Direction that is so constantly, consistently spoken to alert mankind the Importance of the Soul that is within each human life.

Some who have read This Statement say, ‘If the Soul is within, what can help me recognize that I, or anyone else, truly have a Portion of God constantly with me?’ This is a statement of confusion, and a statement openly stating that the individual does not understand the Generosity of God when He created man.  First of all, man’s ability to feel that prayer is an important part of human life, and that all prayers reach a Higher Being, I ask you, ‘How does an individual feel that this prayer is even associated to The Higher Being, unless there is Something innate in human life, instilled in human life, that is a Communication?’

The world is saturated with greed and an intense desire to be famous.  This is a great sadness in some ways, because there is so much emphasis on humanism, that mankind ignores or puts in a secondary place his or her association with God.  We hear many who deny many things that are of a Spiritual nature, but then We hear these same ones call for help when they are in physical need, or sometimes mental depression.  They get help, they receive a degree of help that is needed to persevere at that particular time, but oftentimes when the help is evident and there is relief from the pain or the pressure, the Source of the comfort that was given is totally forgotten.

The Father has given to the world This Gift of Divine Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  It is to help mankind more fully understand that Saint Joseph, as The Holy Spirit of God, is closely connected to the Soul that is in every human life.

We hear some say, ‘God bless you,’ when they feel that the other one needs strength, hope, and this remark is many times given as an act of love from one individual to another.  It is important that mankind stop and think of all the little things that occur that make them ask God, or a Saint, to help them through a trying time, or to help someone else who is faced with an obstacle that is possibly devastating.

This Miracle that The Father has given to mankind is a continuous instructive Source, Force, to give mankind a personal feeling of the Association that man has with God continuously, day and night.  So be it.”

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