ON AUGUST 5, 1996 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Dominic.  It is important that mankind understand that it is The Father’s Love for mankind that is delivering All the Words that pass through the Soul of this little instrument that is used by so Many of Us.

The world is in chaos, due to mankind’s not accepting the Fact, the idea, the possibility, that they have a Portion of God within them that is to be returned to Him at a given time, in a State of Purity.

It is sad when We hear so many men, women and children disregard any subject that speaks of the Soul that was given to them at the moment of conception.  We hear statements, ‘If God created me and I see my eyes, and I see with my eyes, I am conscious of all my senses, why would God hide from me what is supposedly the Most Important Part of me, a Soul that I am responsible for?’ It is sad to hear such a lack of Faith, because mankind understanding that there is a God, and they do not see God visibly, then would not a Portion of Him be hidden from their view?

There is one Statement that mankind ignores, and that is, that the Soul is not completely hidden, because mankind knows right from wrong, good from evil, and every individual should ask himself or herself, ‘What makes me know instinctively these things?’

Mankind tries to ignore truths in many areas of human life, because truths bear responsibility, and also bear in this responsibility, justice.  Mankind blinds himself or herself to responsibilities when it is convenient for them to practice, try, or have a habit of doing things in what mankind would term ‘bold’, ‘sneaky’, feeling that this justifies their intentions and others will not recognize the intention that caused it to occur.

Mankind plays games with themselves but mostly with God, totally ignoring Who He Is, What He Is, and that everything an individual does they are accountable to Him for.

The world has been Blessed by so much Direction through This Miracle of The Father’s Love for this Special Creation called ‘man’.

We hear many learned people openly doubt that there could possibly be within them a Portion of God, because there is no record of It in any physical records, and the medical profession has never seen It.

I close this time with you with a Blessing, and in this Blessing I remind you that what you think, others do not see.  The Soul you have you do not see, nor do any others, but I assure you, just as your thoughts are a portion of your daily way of life, your Soul is a Portion of you every moment of your life.  So be it.”

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