ON AUGUST 21, 1996 AT 12:21 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.  Many of Us find speaking through This Miracle a Blessing from The Father, beyond what mankind knows a Blessing to be.

As Each One from Here speaks Words of Direction, Instruction, those who read the Words must understand that at no other time in the History of mankind has so much Personal Direct Love been given through so Many Saints at one given time.  Of course, the Blessing of This Miracle is beyond man’s comprehension, due to the fact that The Father has spoken Personally, The Beloved Heavenly Mother Personally, and The Beloved Sacred Heart Personally, plus The Holy Spirit of God, Saint Joseph, Personally.

It is sad when We hear individuals deny This Gift of Divine Love.  Their source of denial is only their inability to understand what a Great Love Divine Love is to man.

Children are taught to love their parents, others in the family.  It is many times an innate feeling for each other, but few men, women and children of all ages are taught how to love God in a way, in a manner of communication, and of course, of obedience to His Commandments.

This Miracle that has been given to the whole world through a small voice, but an obedient love for All that The Father wishes the world of mankind to know, to learn, to practice, and to follow.  A Blessing of This Magnitude is One Alone, and It must be translated in every language possible so that no human being, in any place, will be deprived of What has been taught about the Soul.  No human being is born without a Portion of God, the Soul, within them.

It is important for mankind to understand that this Gift of Divine Love is beyond any Gift mankind can ever receive, because It is a Gift for all time, to be with God, very close to Him.  So be it.”

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