ON AUGUST 21, 1996 AT 12:47 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.

It will be difficult for many who will be reading All the Revelations that pass through this little one at the Direction of The Father, because mankind will find it hard to believe that This Occurrence at ‘this time’, is truly happening through one like themselves.

Small children are not being instructed on the importance of prayer at different times during the day.  So many are being told that prayer is to be said at a specific time, thus ignoring that the individual can be heard at any time during the day or during the night.  There are no special hours for mankind to communicate with The Divine, with Any Saint in Heaven.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle of Divine Love, and many men who have dedicated their lives to service, instructing others on the importance of prayer, are definitely ignoring their promises and their practices, because of so much humanism that surrounds them, and that they have become a great part of.

We hear many learned men try to rationalize This Gift of The Father’s that is instructing constantly on the Importance of one’s Soul, and the importance of purity of mind and body, plus the importance of communicating because of the Soul, That Portion of God, that is within each human being.

We hear men, women and children in much need, not just financially or physically or emotionally, but spiritually, and many of these same people feel they have the foundation of the necessities that comply with sound Spiritual understanding.  We say to all of them, ‘Never forget that as you are a human being you have the Greatest Communication with The Father within you, your Soul, and this Soul hungers, many times, to be the recipient of, and the Communicator of your love to The Holy Trinity.’

It is sad in so many ways, that so many during the day do not speak to their Soul in the same manner that they communicate with other human beings, because through the Soul The Father hears every need, every word of love, and is constantly aware of the individual’s belief in this Close Association with God through the human way.

We hear some human beings say, ‘I wish that I would hear someone say to me, “I love you.”’ Would this not also be logical to understand that God, as The Creator of All Things, desires personal communication?

Much Love is passed through This Miracle to mankind, all degrees of mentality, all degrees of spirituality, all degrees of love, of need.  This Gift of Divine Love should not be dismissed, but It should be nurtured by every individual, because through the Soul, The Father is in Direct Communication every moment of every day.  So be it.”

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