ON AUGUST 21, 1996 AT 1:39 PM


“I am Saint Gregory the Great, a Title given to Me.  It is a Title of Love and I answer to it with much Love.

This little one The Father has chosen to speak the Words from so Many, is in many ways a Victim Soul.  This is a Statement of Love, not a Statement that many who read These Words should criticize.

The Love that passes through This Miracle is beyond human comprehension, ability, understanding, because Divine Love through This Gift is giving to mankind a Personal Communication that nothing else can give.  No books already written can compare with the Divine Love that These Words from so Many from Here, explain to mankind the Importance of human life, and the Importance of the Soul that is instilled at the moment of conception.

We see many highly intelligent human beings become totally enthralled, animated by stories written about human life, situations, conditions.  There are no greater writings at this time in the world than What This Miracle of Divine Love is giving to mankind.  We many times see an indignant attitude, most probably based on human jealousy, from some who feel more worthy to be the recipients of This Communication.

Obedience to what is good, what is right, what is pure, many times is difficult because of one’s own personality, desire for attention, and also, one’s own feeling of expressing personal opinion.  There is none of this in This Miracle of Divine Love, because The Father is in Complete Control of All that is spoken, delivered and written.  The world must be made aware of All the Messages that have been put into script so that mankind of all Faiths, all degrees of intelligence, will have the advantage to read much about the Importance of human life and What it contains:  the Soul.

We have heard many give great speeches on the Importance of the Soul, and many truly believed what they were saying, but some picked the subject because it was a subject not always spoken about.  The Soul is a Portion of God, and thus, in His Love for mankind, places within each human life the Soul, a Portion of Himself.

Mankind says, ‘I must remember to ask for a Blessing.’ Sometimes this request is made out of respect for someone, a personal affection for someone, but whatever the reason, everyone must learn that whenever The Father is requested for some special purpose, special need, the Soul is immediately responsive, because This is the direct Communication to The Father that every living human being immediately has.

There are so Many Saints Here that stand by constantly to speak, because of the need of men, women and children throughout the world.  The need is to know that there is a God present at all times, and that they have an immediate Connection to Him, called ‘the Soul’.”

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