ON AUGUST 26, 1996 AT 2:07 PM


“I am Saint Kilian.

We hear mankind say to someone, ‘God bless you,’ and usually this remark is because of a human act that involves the body to what man would call ‘a sneeze’.  My question is this:  Why is this phrase not used more often and not just on the occasion I just mentioned?  How many parents say to a child or children, ‘God bless you’?  Usually a child only hears this on that one act.

Children are not being taught the importance of prayer, the need for it.  They should be told that as they feel it is important to communicate with their family, their friends, or other people, it is equally or more important for them to speak to God silently at different times during the day.  They can tell Him how they feel or ask His Help on certain issues that are troubling them, because He is a Constant Communication through their Soul.

There have been many times in the History of mankind that there was not enough instruction on the closeness that every human being has with God.  Many are under the impression that it is more natural to speak to Him if they are in a church.  This is not so, because they must begin to learn that He is constantly with them, always present.  They are never out of His Sight, because they have a Soul and this Soul is their instant Communication.

You live in a time where there are so many different opinions on man’s communication with God.  There are so many who stand before crowds, instructing in ways that make them look important, even when the individual is telling them about God.

There is much going on throughout the world that is making humanism a more important factor than mankind understanding that obedience to God’s Commandments should be practiced daily, and reviewed daily in Their fullest measure, because of the Soul that is within each human life that must be considered to be the closest Part of human life to God that mankind has that must never be ignored or scarred in any way by sinful acts of any nature, any degree.

It is sad for Me to say, to make this comparison:  You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet there are many other times in the History of mankind that were as equally demonic as Sodom and Gomorrah.

The world is driven by a force of energy for individuals to be successful.  Most of this means educationally, financially, but how many truly feel that Sainthood should be the Goal, and it should never be ignored as the Ultimate Goal for which each human being was born.

We hear so much criticism regarding This Miracle of Divine Love.  You must remember, the criticism is most times a biased opinion that does not cover all facets of the subject, and is based on one’s own personal ability to perceive the actual condition, or meaning, or value of the subject matter.

It is true, We could All speak endlessly on every subject to mankind, because everything mankind is involved in reflects in the Soul of the individual, and This Miracle has been given to the world to alert mankind to address the Value of, the Importance of human life, and that this Creation of God’s has an Ultimate Goal, Ultimate Purpose, Ultimate Love, Ultimate Reason, Ultimate Source.  So be it.”

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