ON AUGUST 28, 1996 AT 1:46 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.

As mankind walks a path of Spiritual freedom, emotional freedom every day, mankind often forgets that freedom is based on the individual’s responsibility to understand that freedom is a Gift, and must be cared for in ways not just to support it, but to keep it in a pure state of practice.

The Father’s Commandments were given with the freedom to each human being to obey each one of These Commandments to the degree necessary with their individual way of life, their moralities.  Today We rarely hear mankind speak on the necessity of moral practices.  It is very much like the time when Sodom and Gomorrah, and other such times, the freedom to act immorally was practiced more, not because of its enjoyment, but because of an inward defiance that registered in many ways humanism, to demonic pleasures, in demonic pleasures.

Mankind has not practiced learning or delving into the importance of God’s Commandments.  In so many areas and ways, We hear mankind say that what they are doing is the time in which they live, making it acceptable no matter how wrong it is.  In many areas of life man speaks of the necessity for things to be untainted, untarnished, because these diminish, whether it is something to be eaten, or some type of possession that an individual cherishes.  The time now is ‘tarnished’, is ‘tainted’ in many ways, and these words I refer to are closely associated to mankind’s moral values, moral standards, moral views, moral practices.

The world has progressed in many ways, but the progressiveness has not diminished the ugliness of sinfulness.  When some individuals hear the word ‘sinfulness’, they immediately omit themselves from this type of life, or acts they feel are conducive to being considered immoral.

If every human being today took each Commandment of God, and truthfully asked himself or herself how deeply they understood each Commandment to its fullest extent, degree, and then were to write down if they had tarnished or tainted any one of these things, how would they grade themselves, or would they simply ignore the truths that their answers should contain?

We hear mankind talk about a balanced life.  Just what is a balanced life?  To some it might mean to participate in everything sound or unsound, good or evil, because in so many ways mankind’s judgment is not always pure, but very humanistic, based on what is pleasurable rather than what is moral.

The world has been Blessed by This Miracle of Divine Love.  We see many reading the Words and immediately casting doubt on the validity of These Words, from Where They come, through whom They pass.  How many people through all these years knew Moses personally, and yet The Commandments of God are the Greatest Directions in the world for every living human being.

Mankind has a way of justifying weaknesses, indifferences, when it is comfortable to their way of life, but This Miracle has been given to the whole world.  No one is excluded.

The Commandments of God must be learned in Their fullest degree, not just accepted in the conciseness that They have been listed as, and mankind must awaken to the Fact that human life has a Soul and this Soul is a Portion of God, and as God is All Purity, the Soul must never be tarnished, because this Soul must return to God in a Pure State of Being, as It was handed at the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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