ON SEPTEMBER 13, 1996 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.

There are so many people throughout the world, all ages, who are suffering terrible maladies of the flesh, of the mind, and some do not understand that to offer this to God in a prayerful way, He will help them.

Mankind very often ignores prayer because of a lack of understanding the closeness man has with God, because of the Soul.  Prayer is an immediate communication, one-sided that is true, but there is no prayer ever spoken, thought, that is not heard, recognized immediately, because the Soul is the Transporter of everything an individual thinks, says, does, participates in, desires, practices, and/or devises for some reason, right or wrong.

When mankind awakens from sleep the light most times is shining, or there are times when there is darkness all around, but it is important for mankind to see the reason for lightness and darkness, because these two things affect the character, the motivations, the interests, the practices, the emotional interaction with many other things, places, times, people.

In looking at human life, it has so many interesting aspects because it changes from moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day, and in every one of these times mankind, as an individual, has a unity with God Himself, called ‘the Soul’.  There is no other living thing that has this closeness to Divine Love.

Some people say, ‘I am sad today,’ and they want someone else to lift their spirits.  What they forget is that they themselves have the power to act, react, through their own abilities, and also through their communication to God through their Soul.  Man says, ‘I am lonely,’ because man forgets that he or she is never alone.

Mankind has been Blessed in so many ways because mankind has a Portion within himself, herself, that is a Portion of God, and if mankind will but see the Value to This, he or she will become more aware that daily living is never alone.  In all hardships no one is ever alone.  In all weaknesses, there is always the Soul present.

To some reading This Message it might be difficult for them because they will say, ‘I do not feel the Soul’s comfort.’ This perhaps could be, because they do not have the Faith to see beyond their own self-love that God is present at all times, in many, many ways, and that God is always present in every individual’s Soul.  So be it.”

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