ON SEPTEMBER 16, 1996 AT 1:52 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.

Mankind has been given a Gift beyond any gift of great value that one man can give to another man.

The Importance of human life is beyond human understanding because human life has a Goal, and this Goal is priceless.  No man, woman or child can buy a Soul.  The Soul is given at the moment of conception.  The Soul is more priceless than anything earthly because the Soul, as a Portion of God, will live for All Eternity.

Children are not being taught, instructed, on the Importance of that Special Gift of Divine Love that instinctively makes an individual know right over wrong, truth over untruth, justice over injustice, hope over despair.

Mankind depends upon the process of learning many things regarding the necessities of life, even to the medical profession that studies the human body, the human mind, and what is needed to keep the human part of man alive.  Very, very little is spoken about the Soul that is a Living Portion of God, so consequently, is a Living Portion of Divine Love that exists within each human being from the moment of conception until It returns to The Father when the life of a human being comes to an end.

We hear men, women and children sob over disappointments monetary, but we do not hear men, women and children sob when a mortal sin is obviously practiced, and the Soul of the individual or individuals bears a mark that no one sees, no one feels, and yet that mark is obvious to God and to All The Saints Here Where I am.

This Miracle, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, is continuously instructing mankind on the Importance of the Soul that will remain, because It is a Portion of The Father that no one or nothing has ever seen, because this Gift of Divine Love is a hidden Treasure connected to The Father, and through this Connection there is a Close Association that nothing can separate until the human life ends, and then the Soul is immediately returned in a state of existence that was arrived at by the individual through whom It was placed at the moment of conception.

We can hear some now say, ‘I don’t understand this remark.’ The Soul is the beneficiary of all that occurs during the lifetime of the individual in which It was placed at the moment of conception.  The state of purity of the individual is important because the Soul, as the recipient, will be the One Who will be directed to the place of atonement so It can be returned to The Father in a Pure State of Being.

As some will read These Words, We are fully aware of all the remarks questioning, and of course, rejections to a situation that they would say the Soul is blameless and should not suffer.  What they forget is:  the Soul, as a Portion of The Father and as the recipient of all that the individual partakes in, is the Connecting Link between the individual and God, and is also That Portion of mankind that was given so that the individual human being would be able to return to The Father in a Form, a Manner of Closeness, when human life ended.

Human beings must understand that all human life has a Connecting Link to The Father’s Love, Generosity, and human life is Important, to return the Soul in a State of Purity as It was first given at the moment of conception.

We hear mankind talk about men, women and children being victims or victimized by impurities, and many other unkind actions.  That is why it is so important for This Miracle to reach out to the whole world, instructing mankind that human life has a Personal Connection to God, a closeness above and beyond all other creations, due to the Soul that is instilled at the moment of conception, and this Soul is what is to be one day a Saint in Heaven.  So be it.”

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