ON SEPTEMBER 25, 1996 AT 12:54 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

It is difficult for some men, women and children when they hear of This Gift of The Father’s Love, allowing so much to be delivered in a Personal Way to men, women and children throughout the world.

When mankind thinks of God, they oftentimes do not feel the True Relationship there is between God and mankind.  This stems from their lack of understanding that every living human being is physically, spiritually united with God through the Soul.

We hear mankind, all denominations of Faith, refer to the word ‘Soul’, but not fully understanding the logical evidence of Its Existence.  Without the Soul, mankind would have no Spiritual Bond with The Divine.  Mankind would be like a plant, an animal, and many other things that could never be considered to have a human life, nature, or abilities to think logically on many matters.  An animal is limited, and when We see mankind work tediously, arduously, to get an animal to perform, to act according to a signal, a situation, We do not want the trainer to feel that this animal is totally like a human being.

The world is saturated with people who are constantly searching for the unknown, the indescribable.  In some ways this is a form of curiosity in the mind, the need of the individual to find the unusual.  It is important for mankind to understand that this type of inquisitiveness or desire to learn is not wrong, but it is important for mankind to see that human life was Blessed with a Soul, a Portion of The Father, that gives to mankind the logic of right over wrong, truth over untruth, fact over fiction, logic over illogical reasonings, understandings, practices.

This Miracle in which I speak, through which I speak, is a Gift of Divine Love, allowing mankind to more fully understand what a privilege it was, it is to be born man, because mankind is separate from all other living things, and mankind has a Goal that is more Precious than any other thing in the world, because the Soul is a Personal Gift from The Father to every living human being, and every Soul has a Goal, and that is, to return to The Father at a given time.

We see so many who hear about This Miracle of Divine Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  We hear doubters, jealousies, and many other types of aversions to such an Occurrence, such a Divine Gift.

So much has been given to mankind, instructing mankind on the Importance of human life because of the Soul.  If there was nothing Special in human life, why would man have reasoning, logic, and the ability to openly see and understand when situations were morally sound, or immorally against an innate feeling, knowledge, understanding?  And mankind knows right from wrong, truth from untruth, justice from injustice, hope from hopelessness, dignity over indignities.

It is important that this small list of words be sufficient to help mankind understand that human life has a Special Goal, and it should never be tampered with or ignored, because sound logic tells mankind when he or she is right or wrong.  So be it.”

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