ON SEPTEMBER 30, 1996 AT 12:40 PM


“I am Saint Martha.  It is a privilege to speak through This Gift of The Father’s that is so Precious for the world of mankind at this time.

It is truly a Gift of Divine Love that The Father has allowed so much of His Love to be passed to mankind for the benefit of every living human being’s Soul.  When We hear doubt as to the Reason for This Gift of Instruction, it is a sadness to Us beyond what a human being knows sadness to be.

When one human being says to another, ‘I love you,’ it is an act of personal communication that says so much, giving strength to the one hearing it and giving security.  Imagine, if human love has this much in-depth caring, what must The Father’s Love, in His sharing the Soul with human life, express to mankind personally, realistically, obviously?  The Soul to mankind is the Greatest Gift mankind can receive because of What the Soul is, and from Whom It came.

We hear mankind talk about treasures; some consider gold, diamonds, jewels of all kinds.  Sometimes a work of art is a treasure because it gives to an individual, or many, a feeling of someone’s accomplishment, ability.  This Miracle of The Father’s Love has handed to mankind a Gift of His Ultimate Love, instructing mankind on the Importance of the Soul that is a Portion of Him.  Man can ask for No Greater Gift, No Greater Love.

It is sad to hear disagreement to All the Words that have been delivered from so Many close to The Father, because mankind oftentimes ignores what is important in Words, or allows himself or herself to be distracted by others’ opinions of such a Gift of Divine Love as This Miracle is to every living human being.

Languages must never be a stumbling block where These Messages must be delivered, because no human being is not to have access to the Importance of What The Father has Decreed every living human being from this time on must understand, because of Its Greatness of God’s Love for man.  So be it.”

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