ON OCTOBER 15, 1996


“This little one through whom I speak, speaks only Our Words as I Decree Them to be.

You live in a time of great despair.  You live in a time of many impurities:  mental, physical and Spiritual.  You live in a time where mankind feels a power beyond what he truly has, and a need to show it to everyone to whom he comes in contact.

There is no living human being that has the power to instruct as I instruct through this little one in the world.  What has been handed to mankind for so many years must spread throughout the world, because as I look upon mankind, man is starving to know more about Me, and to be told the Things that you have been told for some time.

I see children sitting alone and wondering if there is help anywhere, a Superior Help, Someone perhaps Who loves them.  I want them to know that I am everywhere and I know of everyone’s existence throughout the world.  I know of their needs, their hopes.  I know of their tears.  I would wipe them away with My Hands, but this would not be good for them, because they must grow strong in many ways, and they must use their love for One they cannot see, because you see, within them they have a Soul that is a Portion of Me, and they must lean upon that Soul, but they must also cherish that Soul because that Soul is to be returned to Me.

I know it is difficult for some who stand outside where this child is, this little one through whom I speak, to fully understand the Magnitude of This Miracle in which I preach, but it is important for you who have been handed the Words for such a long time, to hand Them to others, give them the chance to read Them, give them the chance to more fully understand the Importance of human life, the Dignity in human life, and the Purpose for which I created it.

I have created life for a long time.  Man uses years in his own time to count according to his way of life, his thinking, but for generations I have created life in different areas of the world, and in each life I placed a Portion of Me.  Man says: ‘How can that be, with all these people?  How big can God be?’ I smile at this for man forgets I Am All Things, and I have made man to My Image and Likeness, in a much smaller way than I Am.

But if mankind will but feel and see, and try to understand the Wisdom that has passed through This Miracle of My Divine Love, man will grow in more love with Me, because mankind will feel the Peace, the Strength, the Hope, and he will better understand the Goal for which he was created.

The Creation of man was designed by Me, because you see, it was My Love for this creation; I wanted to share All I Am, and My Design was to do it through mankind.

I have given mankind the stars.  I have given mankind the moon, the sun.  I have given mankind the temperatures that mankind can handle throughout the world, that mankind does not have to fear going out of a shelter.  Mankind’s body has been prepared by Me to withstand many things.  There is Hope Where I Am, and there is hope when man believes in Me.

So as I speak through this little one in the world, and All the Messages that have been given thus far, mankind has been given Volumes of Love, and yet I sometimes hear certain ones resist What I have given, not because they do not care, but because they do not have the Faith to see Someone, to feel Someone that could love them as deeply as I do, as sincerely as I do, and they do not comprehend the Value of the Soul that I placed within them, because they want everything to show.

How many times have you cared about someone, and openly you did not show how you cared because of circumstances, because of timing, because of place?  You had a reason.  Remember I, too, have a Reason for how I do things, why I do things the way I do, because one day I will have your Soul return to Me in the state of purity that you make It.

Remember My Words and remember My Love, and remember that through This Miracle I have given Hope to the whole world.

I see doubters everywhere, I see jealousy everywhere over This Miracle.  I hear men disagree, I hear women disagree, and I see many try to throw It away physically, by taking the Words and tossing Them, by disagreeing.  This is a sadness to Me, because if they will but read the full meaning of What I have spoken, and have allowed Others to speak, they will find Hope, they will find Love, they will find Security, and they will find the Goal that I have for each of them.

I bless you, My children, who are present here now, because you took the time, each one for a different reason, and each one came a distance, but your Faith will be Blessed in many ways, because as I have handed to the world a Gift of My Divine Love, through a small voice, a small figure, I find your love for Me a love I hold close to My Whole Being.  So be it.”

“I have erased your faces from the little one so there would be no distraction to My Words, and because of the Power that I use, she will be with Me at least three days.  I cannot release her as quickly as she would like to be released, because she knows there is much work to be accomplished, and many Souls to be touched by All that has been given through This Gift of My Divine Love; difficult for some to understand, but nonetheless, a Fact of Truth from God to man.  So be it.”

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