ON OCTOBER 23, 1996 AT 1:46 PM


“I am Saint Justin Martyr.  I speak many times through This Precious Gift The Father gives to mankind, His Love through Us.

There is so much immorality throughout the world.  Men refuse to identify it as immorality.  They justify it by saying, ‘It is only human nature to think this way, to act in this manner.’ Throughout the world We are aware of mankind’s actions, determinations, practices, indulgences, and it is sad to say that purity of the mind, of the body, is almost obsolete.

There have been many times in the History of mankind’s existence that impurities were acceptable, never questioned.  It is now being repeated in so many forms, so many disgraceful ways, that it is obvious mankind chooses humanism in its most violent way.  Morality has diminished to the point where children are not being instructed in what could be termed a ‘normal’ attitude, aptitude, and/or practice in behavioral ways.

There are many things that mankind accepts that are violent impurities against the Soul, and We see so much temptation to so many who are weak, who deliberately accept all that is impure because they do not even think of the results, but they become subject to others who lead them so wrong.

There are many religious leaders who are automatically ignoring, deliberately ignoring confrontation with individuals, because the clerical men do not want to appear to be self-righteous or condemning to anyone they feel could not handle this strong role.

There is too much passiveness in all age groups and in all areas of occupations and all degrees of responsibilities.  It would be nice to be able to say that after reading All that The Father has allowed to be written, all sin would cease and only purity would be acceptable to all ages of men, women and children.

We know that at this time immorality is prevalent, and there is so much justification by mankind for it and about it, that the little ones are being shown so much laxness in strength, so they are automatically accepting what they see, imitating what they see, and this is truly a sadness in that each individual is forgetting that purity is important to not just the physical part of human life or the mental part, but to that Precious Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.  So be it.”

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